two to the skull, yet one gets up

call me Gray, I'll die for your dog.

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    I wanna be one of those characters that’s so ridiculously useful that they could solve the problem the plot revolves around in a few seconds by themselves so the narrative has to either A) bend over backwards and jump through contorted hoops to keep them plausibly out of the scenario/depowered or B) unceremoniously kill them in a manner that is so out of left field it’s just comical a la Chaika getting Fred killed because she sucks at dark souls

    These are normal Israeli settlers, they are NOT a special case, this is how the average Zionist looks and behave in real-life during one of their many state-sponsored facist parades.

    This is the true face of Zionism, this is Israel, this is settler-colonialism, this is fascism, this is the result of Western imperialism and where billions of their citizens tax money go to maintain it.