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we looking for kinky friends especially couples Submissions and asks are welcome we are curious we both love cock and pussy.

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    The second guy my wife slept with after we were married became a bit of a regular and helped her bring home this very same gift for me when I turned 28. I’ll never forget, I was on the phone with a buddy planning our boys trip we had for the following day when Tara sauntered into the house. She grabbed me by the shirt and led me into our bedroom. I was trying to protest as I talked to John, but then Tara sat on the edge of the bed, raised her skirt, spread her legs and showed me the large, wet stain on her panties. 

    I was like, “John... John... John! I have to go...”

    Turns out she fucked him in the washroom at work.


    Mmmm yes we love it 🔥