I see I’m still getting followers... Thanks, but....don’t you all know there are alternatives to this place where you don’t see the above annoying censorship? Where your favorite tumblr refugees like Porn With Text, DeliciousNights, Kiqx, ConstantPriapism, Orgasms-Are-Mint, Animated-gifs-for-everyone among others are still posting? NewTumbl and BDSMLR people!



    Hey! quick idea.

    Let’s take this post and make it a sort of hub for exodus information. I’d hate to lose all of you and I would like to see you some place else again, so I’ll monitor reblogs & follow as many of you as possible.

    There are no clear winning replacement platforms but following a bunch of you all over the place will do for now. Reblog and add your new blogs! I’ll start:


    A quick PSA/remark about a couple of related things: I’ve seen stuff about a ‘cumblr’ but that reeeaalllyyy looks like a scam to make a quick buck, so I would advise against investing in it. It looks like they’re betting on a scattered community that can’t fight back after the fact. So watch out for scams! 

    Also: popup websites like bdsmlr are security breaches waiting to happen so make sure you don’t use valuable information there. If the front-end functions and looks like this, the back-end can’t be much better, not to mention the potential lawsuits for flatout copying a websites look and functionality completely. Hopefully they’ll improve though.


    Added Humblr.social too! Highly customizable but no true gifs I’ve heard.


    Sharesome keeps getting mentioned. 

    Here’s the thing though, to post any media at all you have to get a verified account and with verification you claim copyright / have to be able to reproduce releaseforms from models and studios etc. I’ve never claimed copyright, because gifmakers like me are operating well within fair use territory as remixers / fan-edits. Sharesome is very clear about not supporting that, so I’m not moving there.


    do you have a plan for after the pornpokalypse? i'd like to keep seeing you posting somewhere

    Thanks for this question. I’m still thinking about where to go. The big places suggested throughout tumblr-land (twitter, reddit) do not really conform to my style. If I make a gifset, the viewer has to click the GIFs in order to animate them, or they just don’t flow right. I do make single GIFs, but not as many as the sets. I don’t want to limit my style. I have about 9 more days to think about it. Stay tuned!

    Smutty is the closest thing to Tumblr for NSFW content

    Well, at least for pictures and videos

    So probably the biggest question on most peoples mind is “Where is everybody going to go now that Tumblr is going anti-porn?” It seems like Twitter is where everybody is pointing to, and while there is near limitless NSFW twitter pages, I’m pretty sure they have a similar philosophy to Tumblr in the case of adult content and have purged adult content to a degree - I’ve MOSTLY stopped updating my Twitter in fear that they will close my account.  I won’t be surprised if they do the same thing in the future.

    For users like myself, where most if not all of our content is pictures and videos, Smutty seems like the next best thing. Like Tumblr, you can scroll an infinitely loading list of content related to specific tags and like the Tumblr search they are display in multiple columns instead of a single one like the dashboard. Images need to be posted from the web, instead of uploaded, and videos need to come from a decent and specific list of sites listed on the post pop-up  Liking an image will also post it to your feed for followers to see. Users can add tags to images so you don’t have to tag them all by yourself

    Smutty isn’t as “big giant graphic mobile button and noob friendly” as Tumblr. I think Smutty can be viewed in mobile, but it’s probably better suited to PC/Mac for posting content. It doesn’t seem to have the options for Text, Link, Audio, Quote, and Chat posts.

    Tumblr is great for a going down a feed of limitless porn that suits your tastes, and Smutty is the closest thing to get that experience from what i can tell, minus some of the social aspect.

    Here are other Options:

    Twitter - Worlds most popular microblogging site outside of Tumblr

    XHamster - A ‘Tube” site that not only functions as a porn video platform, but also includes pics, stories, blogs, chat, and live streams and mild social networking through profiles and an comment system. This is my former smut home before Tumblr

    Motherless - A site similar to Xhamster that for the longest time, allowed some of the more controversial pornographic content and used to link to extreme content from it’s sponsored links. Motherless has cleaned up its image a bit (No more border line CP or men jerking off to pics of kidnapped women), but it still postulates itself as the site where “Go ahead, your mother isn’t watching!”

    Eroprofile - Only recently did Xhamster allow watersports content, so Xhamster seemed tame at times. Eroprofile is the less tame Xhamster in away, allowing content of all the normal, expected genres, as well as more extreme genres like watersports, farting, vomit, scat and other fetishes. Motherless is for the depraved, Eroprofile is for the nearly depraved.

    XTube - XTube is similar to Xhamster in being a streaming site that has images, but a stronger collection of amateur and gay content. The site is less intuitive and less “clean looking”, but there are videos here that are probably nowhere else and many compilations feature videos originated from Xtube users.

    Other Tube sites: Obviously there are countless other tube sites like Pornhub, Youporn, XNXX, Xvideos, EmpFlix, TnAFlix, Tube8, ThisVid and god knows how more.

    Reddit - You’ve probably heard alot of bad things about the Reddit community or maybe alot of good things, since part of how reddit works is people discussing topics instead of blindly posting content and awarding users with RedditGold which costs real world money. If you haven’t use Reddit, give it a try as there is loads of NSFW communities called Subreddits. The staff cracked down on racist content and lolicon/shota content in the past, so certain extreme kinks are harder to find there, but you almost always connect and discuss with like minded people.

    Voat - Voat is a spinoff of Reddit by people who didn’t like the way Reddit ran the site. Its very similar (using the same software) and you will find more extreme content. 

    DeviantArt - Probably the biggest social network for Art of all kinds, whether its drawn, modelded, photographed, sculpted, designed, painted, and written - including NSFW content. DeviantArt doesn’t allow erect penises and penetration, but it is still loaded with “pratically porn” art and images

    E-Hentai - A very big site with a Humongous community provided gallery collection of hentai, drawn/generated porn, Asian girls and cosplay. Also features a forum and a website RPG game. You’ll have to work a bit to get tot he more extreme hentai content.

    Flickr - Huge photography website that like Tumblr is owned by Yahoo, so they may go anti-porn as well. However, by finding the right groups, users, and galleries, there is countless porn available.

    Imagefap - Before I used Xhamster, I uploaded huge galleries to Imagefap. While the site design breaks regularly and looks like it comes from the late 90s/early 2000s, it is a huge source of porn galleries both real and drawn. Amazing site for countless pics, but it is very janky. 

    SexAndFunForum (SAFF) - People don’t use forums like they used to (I used to swear by them) but SAFF is one HUGE forum filled with sub-forums to cater nearly any kink and you can likely find links to full videos and galleries with enough time investment. Some sections require a membership or some sort of funding, but the forum runs deep and it is probably worth its value.

    Some, if not most of you are looking for the social network alternative that also allows porn. I think it will be difficult for large corporations (Such as Yahoo/Tumblr and Twitter) to both cater to multiple millions of users AND smut enthusiasts. I’m not sure if we have or ever will have an equivalent to Tumblr during its “glory days” of allowing porn, which is why I think Smutty along with profile/tube are your next best bet.