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Dedicated to my cute little step brother

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    Is this it big sister? If so can you post a story about us one more time

    Yes this is it my little brother. It’s been such a beautiful journey, am glad we got to spend time with each other under the sheets. 

    Am not sure if we have time for one more since we have lot of eyes watching us. Probably in the future, when we don’t have to worry about anyone else and do what we love to do.

    Lots of love and kisses

    “Wake up boy! I’m not done with you”  

    “Again ?”

    “Dont want to get paid?”

    It still surprises me when I think how I ended up in this situation. 

    if you ask about me, well...I was never really good in academics or in sports. So I was ready to do any job which didn’t involve pressurising my brain. So one day I got this call from this girl whom I knew very well, saying she has a job for me which can solve all my problems. She was even ready to provide me a place to live in if I was up for the job.

    “Are you out of your mind ?!!!” I asked her in disbelief 

    “I had given a lot of thought before asking you. I wouldn’t have asked you if I had other option.You are my safest option  Besides it’s a good deal if you ask me as I know how much you were interested you in me  before i got married”

    “But you are  asking me to fuck you , you! who is my sister! “

    “That’s why it’s a risk free deal. I will get what I want . You will get what you want.”


    “Relax! It’s not like we are doing something different. It’s normal these days. it’s been more than 2 years since your brother in law fucked me.  I could really use your thick rod . And you don’t have to work at that disgusting place . All you have to do is love me whenever I ask you to”

    Fast forward few months, I am living in this beautiful place away from the city, getting 500$ / day as allowance . All I need to do is eat healthy food to keep my manhood healthy and fuck her till she begs me to stop. 

    Feeling jealous guys ?


    Big sis why do you kiss my neck and say I taste of innocence and you want taint me?

    Because you are too innocent to understand that girl is trying to seduce you. Like right now am sliding my fingers inside your boxers and you are asking me this silly question

    Come on! Look at me little brother. I know I messed up at the party. I thought you were trying to breakup with Jessica instead of Jess. In the past you used to complain about Jess, so I thought... 

    I know none of my reasons would make sense to you now but am really very sorry. What  can I do to make up to you. Well..If I let you play with my body for a while , will that help..hmm ? 

    I know you are into me . How do I know ? Cause you are too bad at hiding your lust for me. And ofcourse your boner . 

    Since mom and dad aren’t at home right now  *unclasps bra* let me allow to heal your heart 


    Big sis why are there naked photos of me in your phone

    Well i have yours just like you have mine. 

    Why don’t we cut the bullshit and go straight to the point. We have the whole house to ourselves . And I know you have good collection of porn. We can watch while we get naughty


    "What do you want ?" he asked still not looking at her  "To talk Lee. We really need to get things out in the open don't you think?" "Well, I'm not sure there is anything to talk really." "Bullshit! you know there is." "What, uuumm, what is there to talk exactly?" He asked slightly angrily as he turned and looked at his sister for the first time. She was sitting on the edge of his bed, knees together, leaning back in a stream of sunlight coming through the window highlighting her body with shadows and light. "The way we feel maybe? Why you have been avoiding me so much lately is another one."  "I...I don't know what you mean" He stammered as he took a long look at his sister. His cock, to his regret, starting to harden as he saw her big boobs "You know exactly what I mean little brother. You have been avoiding me for the last two days, since we were in my room. So why?" She asked,

    "I…I." He looked for something to say but words failed him. "You what ?" She was trying to pressure an answer from her nervous young brother. "I'm just embarrassed about seeing you, that's all. I didn't know how you'd react." "that's not all of it, is it?" She asked as she opened her legs slightly more, giving her brother a better view  "Yes." He gulped as his oldest sister sat in a more erotic pose only few inches away. "What about when I came up behind you and pressed into your back? Were you embarrassed then? Cuz you ran out fast." She was not going to let him get away without a proper talk. "Yes I was." He admitted quietly lowering his head. "Why did you run off ?" She was enjoying this now. She could see her brother was being broken down by her pose and questions. She was finally getting somewhere with him. He stayed silent not looking at his sister. "brother, just tell me, will you? We need to get things out. I have a few things I want to say, but I need to know a few things first. So, please, just tell me." She said in her sweetest, most sincere voice. . "I really liked it when you pressed into me and liked it even more when you rubbed your hands down my body, but you’re my sister and we shouldn’t do anything like that." He blurted out 

    "Is that all or is there something else you'd like to tell me? The truth perhaps?" She asked as she sat beside him, wrapped her arms around her shoulders, pulling his head near her massive chest and getting a cute little girl look in her eyes, which melted her brother. "No, the reason I ran off is, I'm not really experienced with girls." He admitted through gritted teeth. He didn't want to say these things, but his sister seemed to have some sort of spell on him. She was getting everything out of him and he could do nothing about it. "So you’re a virgin then?" She was almost shocked at his admission. She had never thought he was, ok he never brought anyone home with him, but she just thought he went somewhere else with his dates. "Yes." He confirmed her statement sheepishly.  "But I thought you would have, at least once." It was her turn to look for words. Younger brother just shook his head “no” before looking up at his sister "So you’re telling me you have never had a girlfriend at all?" She asked pressing her boobs together as she leaned forward more. He was staring at her sexy body as he answered. "No I haven't." "Why not? You’re good-looking." "Thanks, but no one else thinks so." He said, looking longingly at his sister's body, his cock rising as he spoke to her. "I can't believe that little brother." She said smiling as she saw a slight bulge appear in her brother’s pants. "It’s true. I'm not good-looking. I can't blame girls for not wanting me." He said. It was true; he had no real self-esteem and was always too shy to say he liked someone because he was convinced they would not like him back. "remember when I said I wanted to tell you something? Well, I'm going to now, ok? Don't freak out, please." She swallowed, she had never had a problem saying what was on her mind, but what she was about to say had her really nervous. "Go on." He said She  got up , placed her legs either side of him and sat exactly on top of his crotch . She didnt even allow him to back away from her advance. "what are you doing?" Lee asked his sister nervously as she pinned him against the back of the bed that he had walked back into, trapping his body between hers and the hard cold wood. "i  think its better if I should show you what i want to say." she leaned her head to her brother’s and lightly placed her lips on his. She closed her eyes and traced little kisses along her brother’s lips. Making only minimal contact with his skin she let her tongue slide over brother’s lips before bringing her hands to his face and holding his head still as she moved her head back away from his face. She opened her eyes slowly and looked for a reaction from him, who was in total shock at what had happened. She smiled and rubbed her hands over his short hair before placing them around his neck bringing her body tight to his. He could feel his sister’s breasts squashing against him. Her nipples were hard and poking through the thin materials they both wore, into his chest, making his cock harder then ever. "Oh god, what am I doing?" He said the best he could. April's mouth was on his again, only this time she had opened her lips and was pressing her tongue into his mouth, swirling it as he spoke. Smack. A light slap hit his right cheek as he finished talking. Her tongue was licking the farthest part of his mouth now and coaxing his into moving into hers. She broke the kiss first. Resting her arms on her brother’s shoulders she looked deep into his eyes, the dark red of her hair falling over her face making a sexy contrast and to the paleness of her face. "No talking when we kiss." She said as she flicked her head to move the hair from her face. He nodded. He was hers now, that kiss had sealed the deal as far as he was concerned, he wanted her now.


    will it be weird if I say that if you had not been my big sister i would have been totally into you

    Aww! that’s really so sweet of you brother. I don’t think its weird at all. to be honest if you had not been my brother , probably I would have asked you to skip class today so that I can have some “alone” time with my guy.

    Speaking about the class, do you really have to go


    *laying in your bed naked jacking off with a pair of your used panties while I sniff another pair* mmm big sis you smell so good

    my my! whom do we have here. if you like sniffing my panties so much , you should have atleast locked the door. 

    I must say you got an impressive junk dear. You don’t need to stop. You can go on.  But let’s make it little interesting

    Shall we see how long can you hold on . I will take off my clothes one by one for every 5 mins. if you manage to get me naked, you will get a bonus.

    better get started…


    Would you ever consider privately making content? - brother sister & cheating both turn me on so fucking much - the idea of knowing its wrong for so many reasons and not being able to stop, not wanting to stop, is so fucking hot. The idea of you sliding your brothers cock into your tight little cunt while your husband is out buying groceries for dinner is so fucking hot to me.

    Maybe in future but as of now am not into making custom vids 


    Hey sis, now that it is almost summer, do you need any help picking out new bikinis?

    You read my mind little brother. Today I realised I don’t have any bikini which can I wear and you know.. tempt even the people closest to me to do something that they never thought of 


    Big Sis, you once asked me what's the best part of working out with you, but I'm can't decide which is better, the part that I get to see you in that tight outfit or the part that I can take baths with you, can you help me decide?

    maybe if you just take off your clothes and get on the bed, it might help you to decide . Just so you know am naked from waist down


    Big sis can you please stop teasing me

    why dear? dont you like it ? dont you like it when I place my hand on your lap ? dont you like it when i walk around wearing nothing but inners ? dont you like it when i leave the door open when am changing clothes ?