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    One of the keys to getting a good morning workout is being in the right headspace - not distracted by work or friends or fun, simply focused on making it to the gym and crushing some fucking weights.

    That’s why part of our morning routine involves some meditation. A light little trance for my lilbro, where he can focus on my words to pump him up, clear his mind, and get him ready to lift. In a second I’ll toss him his tank top, and that’ll be his cue. His head will snap up, the dull look in his eyes animating with a spark of determination, and we’ll be ready to hit the road. Game on, lilbro…

    After listening to Coach’s file for 24 hours straight he could do nothing but kneel and feel the perfect bliss of the abyss.
    His mind totally turned to static. Zoned so far out he couldn’t even focus his eyes and he lost track of how long he had been kneeling there. Was it an hour? Was it a week? It didn’t matter. The only thoughts in his head focused on muscle, and working out and how sexy he was going to be; interspersed of course with the sound of his masters voice whispering in his mind. “Muscle is all that matters.”
    His body was primed. Perfect for growth, the bulging muscle rippling under his skin ready to fulfil its destiny. His empty, dull brain yearning to fulfil its programming.
    He could feel it, the subtle way his pecs flexed when he breathed. The twitching fibres in his neck. Even the sculpted masculine jawline he had developed over months of programming.
    But for now, he just knelt, eyes glazed, head empty, body slowly growing to match what he was inside. The Coach’s ultimate muscl
    e boy.

    Just an attempt at a muscle caption. The picture was provided by one of my subjects who simply insisted I use him for it. 
    It’s my first time trying these but I hope everyone liked it.
    Any and all subjects who’ve used my files are more than welcome to submit their own pics and maybe I’ll caption you too ;)

    It was just a simple game of Simon says. I started it slowly, “Simon says strip” he looked at me apprehensively but he did it. “Simon says flex” he flexed his weedy arms for me. “Simon says freeze”, he was locked in place now and began to freak out. “Simon says silence”, he stopped immediately and his eyes begged with me to stop.

    “Simon says grow”, his arms and chest bulked up massively as muscles tore across his body. “Simon says dumb”, his face grew slack now and a dumb grin grew across his face. “Sir says serve” he dropped to his knees now and looked me in the eyes longingly, I dropped my pants and said “sir says suck”. He smiled, grabbed my dick and sucked me hard and fast till I blew down his throat.

    What should I have my little muscle slut do now?

    See? There was no point fighting against me. You always end up on the ground, weak and beaten. I barely got sweaty, but look at you… You don’t have any power left to run away, you just lay there on your back like a broken ragdoll. You might be unable to move, but you don’t even want to. You feel safe under me. You feel calm between my legs. You feel empty and obedient as you look into my eyes. Good boy. Relaxed and empty. Totally under my control. Don’t fight it, remember what happened last time you resisted. Resistance is worthless. It’s time to get my rightful place on your head. I am going to sit on your face and you will love it. Sniffing my musky balls, feeling the grip of my muscled thighs, kissing my dick makes you horny and even more obedient to me. You are my slave, and you can’t fight it. You are mine

    Young youtuber wanted to try hypnosis. He called a famous one to try from TikTok. At the beginning he focused instantly on the hypnotist's hand and he slipped very easily into trance.

    He was just standing there, and enjoying this new state, he discovered.

    After that, the hypnotist didn't need too much effort to bring him down.

    Once he was freaked out by the invisible hypnotist, so he should be brought back to trance to calm down.

    By another time, a gently push on his chest was enough to switch him off.

    Once he was told to focus on the camera light. It was so easy for him to stare, and go back into that wonderful state.

    He really loved this state, and could be brought back effortlessly.

    Just a moment a quick moment of focus, and he was out.

    It did not matter, if he was standing or not.

    The best time to be put under, is when you are in the middle of the sentence. So you can just go loose and limp like a ragdoll. Doesn't matter, what you wanted to say.

    Source: YT

    Lately I’ve been listening to this... file... and it’s got this guy who talks about being a... big dumb jockboy... I keep listening to it before the gym... putting on my red jock strap, checking myself out flexing in the mirror, and then working out.

    It gets so... arrousing to listen to it at the gym. Especially when I’m alone, and I can get more... comfortable.

    There’s nothing like pumping out some mindless reps while being sexually arroused through your headphones.

    Mindless bliss, bro.... just muscle. Nothing else on the brain... just so dumb and empty. Just muscle.

    I’m such a big dumb jockboy.... so hot, so horny, so aroused, and so fucking stupid.

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