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Hi I'm M, Hot Wife to J, my Hot Hubby. Living in London, but originally from the US. J and I have been in the lifestyle for a few years now and love every minute of it!  You won't find humiliation, cock cages, or submissive husband posts on here. Hubby is my MAN and he protects and takes care of me and also makes sure I'm ridiculously happy!  We like and promote the idea of the Stag-Vixen dynamic that has become more popular of late, but we identify more with the swinger lifestyle in our behaviour as we both have sex with others, usually together but occasionally apart.  I pretty much run the blog, but Hubs does fill the queue up when he feels like it.  We hope what we post makes you as hot and horny as it does us! 
(p.s. Politely uninterested in Kik, meet-ups, etc.. We've also turned off submissions due to abuse and too many dick pics, but ocassionally they go back on). 

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