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    Being a hotwife

    There are a few paradoxical things about this lifestyle… and one of them is that to do this successfully, a couple has to be EXTREMELY committed to each other. They must have really great communication, open, and honest about EVERYTHING. When you think about it, a husband wanting his wife to be empowered to control and seek out her own physical pleasure is literally a good definition of what a husband should be committed to having a satisfied, fulfilled wife, and doing everything he can to make that happen. Because he can’t satisfied her needs.

    A reminder for the hotwives, keep the fire going. Find time to increase play time…

    Hotwifing… is dessert after the really good meal that is your relationship. It’s meant to be the extra, the guilty pleasure… It does take work, it does take effort, and you will find flakes and jerks along the way. When you get it right, though… it can be amazing. So remember, you do this together… you both have a veto vote… this is a marathon and not a sprint… there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do this… it’s what works for you.

    One last thing about “it works for you” part. Despite the porn and despite the way some people post on tumblr, this lifestyle whether you are a hotwife/husband or a hotwife/cuckold couple, is all about YOU. Any third/bull you decide to invite into your relationship is there for YOU, YOUR needs and wants and desires. Any time you get a bull who doesn’t want to listen, include you, follow your rules.. show him the door immediately. There will always be other men very grateful for the chance to spend a few hours with your wife trust me. Encourage her, reassure her that this is what YOU want. Have her reach out to other hotwives here on tumblr they will be the absolute best resource for her questions and concerns.

    Good luck!


    Also THIS^^^^^^ Well said…and hey nice sexy ass! ~Dani


    Really good advice.