@ddygrl had a great night last night that turned into a great morning! She went out with PJ again last night! They had a few drinks at the bar and then took a drive to his old neighborhood. While they were there they decided to park for a couple hours! She got home close to 8:00 this morning! A few firsts: first overnight with another guy and first time for me listening in over the phone! That was amazing!! It was also her 3rd date with him in a week and 5th since she met him on 4/1! Things are getting serious!Damn, I love that girl!!


Here’s the final one gibby asked me to share with you donks.  After this, I’ll get back to posting some other content, but for now endy @ddygrl at work.

P.S. Hey Gibby, you owe me a night with ddygrl!