Any “Straight Edge” Swingers Out there?

Outside of being fucking hilarious, I am what most would consider to be boring, lame, or square.  I know that it’s a pretty small group of folks that don’t touch drugs, smoke weed nor touch cigarettes and also don’t drink.  The vast majority of the population does at least some combination or portion, and that’s fine with me.  I’m not big on telling other adults what to do.  

Be that as it may, I realize I am part of a pretty small club that refrains from most party activities.  Even still, I can’t really profess to being completely straight edge either as I am “down to fuck.”  Still, exclusive group or not, I figure I can’t be the only person out there that enjoys sex but doesn’t practice recreational use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

So this is a call to all of you other less than freaky “freaks” out there, let me here from you. If pussy is your sole passion or cock is your only vice, give this a reblog so the rest of us “boring” sluts, studs, and man whores can not only find one another, but also be reminded that we aren’t an island of one.