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    Any “Straight Edge” Swingers Out there?

    Outside of being fucking hilarious, I am what most would consider to be boring, lame, or square.  I know that it’s a pretty small group of folks that don’t touch drugs, smoke weed nor touch cigarettes and also don’t drink.  The vast majority of the population does at least some combination or portion, and that’s fine with me.  I’m not big on telling other adults what to do.  

    Be that as it may, I realize I am part of a pretty small club that refrains from most party activities.  Even still, I can’t really profess to being completely straight edge either as I am “down to fuck.”  Still, exclusive group or not, I figure I can’t be the only person out there that enjoys sex but doesn’t practice recreational use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

    So this is a call to all of you other less than freaky “freaks” out there, let me here from you. If pussy is your sole passion or cock is your only vice, give this a reblog so the rest of us “boring” sluts, studs, and man whores can not only find one another, but also be reminded that we aren’t an island of one.

    Hey Baron, Do You Fuck Black Chicks?

    That’s the question I was asked.  And here’s my answer:

    I fuck white girls. I fuck black girls.  I fuck latinas.  I fuck asians.  American Indian, Irish, Bohemian, Chinese, Japanese, Pacific Islander, Farmer’s Daughter or Jersey Girl... It’s all pink in the middle!  I don’t discriminate.

    And on that notion, (WARNING: start of rant) I know there are an awful lot of “BBC Lovers” in our cuckold and swinging communities.  And that’s fine.  But lets drop this “Black cock is superior” bull shit.  Race doesn’t make anyone superior; nor does it make the cock any longer nor the pussy any tighter.  Fuck who you want to fuck; and love who you want to love.  But this racist nonsense of “superiority” or “extermination” is the type of bullshit that will keep mankind at odds with one another for no real reason.

    The Rumor Is that Dick Pics Are Disgusting and Unwanted...

    but the reality is that I have NEVER had a negative reaction from sending one.  Granted, I don’t make it a habit -- and I don’t generally LEAD with them, like... “Hey, nice to meet you. Here’s a picture of my cock!” But I have been known to send photos unsolicited plenty of times, and several times within 10 or 15 minutes of speaking.  And the reactions I generally get are something like:

    • Wow!
    • Oh my!
    • Damn!
    • Yummy!
    • Nice!
    • Yes, please!

    This can only mean that they aren’t as frowned upon as women would like us to believe. In fact, I’m going to rat them out right now... Many of those favorable reactions I have received come from women who I have seen/heard speak about how much they hate getting them mere moments before they seem ready to hop aboard. 

    Go figure!

    The HotWifeTexts Self Interview

    I’ve been meaning to do a FAQ for a good while now, and I’ve had a couple people ask if they could interview me. I have never really had the time until now. So today, I sat down and interviewed your favorite microblogger and had a good talk. Here’s how it shook out!

    HotWifeTexts: Hello. This is Hot Wife Texts of Tumblr "fame," and today we sit down with Mr. HotWifeTexts himself. So before we begin, I first wanted to thank you for sharing your time with us today.

    HotWifeTexts: Not a problem. It's the least I could do for, well, myself I guess. But please call me, "Baron."

    HotWifeTexts: Great Baron. I appreciate that. And that will certainly make this thing much easier to read from this point forward.

    Baron: Undoubtedly.

    HotWifeTexts: So lets dig right in.  Does Baron have a last name?

    Baron: You may call me Baron Strong.

    HotWifeTexts: And is Baron Strong your real name?

    Baron Strong: It is for the purposes of this interview.

    HotWifeTexts: Fair enough. And what do your friends call you away from Tumblr?

    Baron Strong: Nice try. Move along.

    HotWifeTexts: Very well.  Lets see here... hmm, well Mr. Strong I have noticed that you can be a bit abrasive on your blog at times. Should I expect a verbal beatdown if I go over questions you may have already been asked on your blog before?

    Baron Strong: Not at all. In fact, I fully expect you to do that.  That's part of why we're doing this interview so I won't have to answer those questions any more.

    HotWifeTexts: Glad we could help with that.  So, back to the abrasive thing -- why exactly do you come off that way?

    Baron Strong: Wow! You're pretty confrontational from the start. Do you always interview like a dick?

    HotWifeTexts: Possibly. But you're the one being interviewed right now. Not me. So, Mr. Strong -- why so abrasive?

    Baron Strong: Well I guess for a few reasons.  First, the fact is this project allows me to escape who I am most of the time. Secondly, I've always had a rather sarcastic sense of humor, although I don't really mean to sound derogatory with it.  And lastly, the fact of the matter is, some people just need to be slapped up side the head with an answer that makes them feel as stupid as their question made me think that they were.

    HotWifeTexts: There's a lot to digest there. But if I may, what did you mean when you said, "escape who you are most of the time?"

    Baron Strong: I guess I would liken it to pro wrestling. Virtually everyone knows that wrestling is staged, and the athletes, performers, whatever you want to call them are simply playing a part in character. The villains may come across as douche bags who make kids cry, but I suspect that if you were to meet them on the street they would probably act more like the babyface characters you're used to seeing them square off against.

    HotWifeTexts: So I guess that brings up two questions. 1. Are you a pro wrestling fan, and 2. if you're simply in character is anything you have told us about your exploits true?

    Baron Strong: I was a pretty big wrestling fan as a kid, now I probably watch 1 or 2 shows a year just to catch up on the drama.  I think the older I got the less attractive the theatrics and costumes became and was replaced by a love for competition. As such, I find myself being a big fan of mma these days.

    As to the second question, yes.  Everything I have told you about my past and present are true.  My attitude and character may be a bit fabricated, but my history is not.

    HotWifeTexts: Thanks for that. Now lets do some easy questions. Sort of rapid fire, and then we'll move into the harder hitting questions.

    Baron Strong: Sounds good. Go!

    HotWifeTexts: How big is your dick?

    Baron Strong: It varies. A thick eight is about where it tops out at.

    HotWifeTexts: Is that internet inches or real inches?

    Baron Strong: {grins} Good question. That's what the ruler says.

    HotWifeTexts: Are you a boob man or a butt man?

    Baron Strong: I'm a pretty big fan of both, and have never felt the need to choose.

    HotWifeTexts: But which draws your eye quicker?

    Baron Strong: Whichever the girl has.

    HotWifeTexts: Foot fetish?

    Baron Strong: Hell no!

    HotWifeTexts: LOL - I knew that one. I have read your blog.

    Baron Strong: I bet.

    HotWifeTexts: Choking?

    Baron Strong: Um, yeah... not for me.

    HotWifeTexts: Why not?

    Baron Strong: Because it doesn't appeal to me.

    HotWifeTexts: But why not?

    Baron Strong: Because I think it's fucking creepy. Do you want a book report?

    HotWifeTexts: Potty play?

    Baron Strong: No.

    HotWifeTexts: Damn. Don't you have any kinks.

    Baron Strong: Yes.

    HotWifeTexts: So what are they?

    Baron Strong: Things that don't involve feet, choking, piss or feces.

    HotWifeTexts: Is there anything left?

    Baron Strong: Oh you poor little man!

    HotWifeTexts: Your real name?

    Baron Strong: {smirk} Nice try.

    HotWifeTexts: Favorite color?

    Baron Strong: Green.

    HotWifeTexts: Any reason in particular?

    Baron Strong: Show me the money!

    HotWifeTexts: How old are you?

    Baron Strong: Mid thirties.

    HotWifeTexts: Where do you call home?

    Baron Strong: The USA.

    HotWifeTexts: Where specifically?

    Baron Strong: The midwest. Missouri. And that's all you're getting out of me.

    HotWifeTexts: How tall are you?

    Baron Strong: I'm not.

    HotWifeTexts: No, but seriously - how tall?

    Baron Strong: Seriously, I'm not.

    HotWifeTexts: Alright then. How short?

    Baron Strong: Very.

    HotWifeTexts: Alright asshole, what's your damn height?

    Baron Strong: Ask the right question, you'll get the right answer. I'm only about 5'6".

    HotWifeTexts: Yeah that's pretty short for a guy.

    Baron Strong: I'm aware of that, but I'm long where it counts.  And God may have "blessed" me with short stature, but the gym has blessed me with some big ass arms and shoulders.

    HotWifeTexts: So speaking of God, I remember reading that you're a christian, and I just have to...

    Baron Strong: Here we go. I was wondering when we would get to this.

    HotWifeTexts: So anyway, I just have to ask, what do you think being a self-professed christian and running a blog like this says about you?

    Baron Strong: That I'm human.

    HotWifeTexts: Anything else?

    Baron Strong: I'll tell you as much or as little as you want. Let me ask you a question first. Who do you want me to piss off with my answer more?  My fellow christians or the world?

    HotWifeTexts: I'm not necessarily looking for you to piss anyone off. I just want a little insight into how you think and feel.

    Baron Strong: Alright then. The fact is this: even in character, and even while talking to this particular audience, I refuse to deny Christ.  And if that makes some of them uneasy, so be it.  We each have a freedom to believe, and I fought for those freedoms in the military. I'll proudly defend a non-believer's right to roll his/her eyes at me or tell me to sit down and shut up with just as much vigor as I'll refuse to listen.  Because at the end of the day, I'm glad I don't live in a land of clones, and I'm pretty grateful for that whole "freedom of speech" thing.

    HotWifeTexts: Alright, but I'm not letting you off the hook that easy. Don't you worry about being a hypocrite?

    Baron Strong: Of course I do, but I'll also say that I don't worry a ton about it because I'm already well aware that I am one.  I just don't think that I am any bigger or any less of one than the other 7 billion people populating our planet.  I think we're all hypocrites. The only thing that differs is the subject matter that it shows up in.

    HotWifeTexts: That's a pretty good answer Baron, but seriously how do you identify as a christian when you cuss like a sailor on here and engage in the sexual lifestyle that you do?

    Baron Strong: I think I've already answered that. I mean if you're looking to catch me in a "Gotcha!" I've already confessed that I'm a hypocrite and given you what you want.  I will say this though, and hear me now: I am a christian because of who I put my faith in not because of who I am. You'll never find me telling anyone to be more like "Baron Strong," as I'd really like to be a little bit less like him myself.  The fact is, you're not my measuring stick, and I shouldn't be yours either. If you're looking to make me your role model, then you're aiming really, really low.

    HotWifeTexts: Alright, one more question and then I'll be done with this religion stuff.

    Baron Strong: Good.  But go ahead, I haven't dodged one yet.

    HotWifeTexts: What would you say to christians who come across your blog and send you hateful messages or think less of you?

    Baron Strong: I've actually received quite a bit of that, and to be honest I find it kind of funny.  First of all, I don't exactly have the kind of blog that you wonder across by accident looking for pure content.  If you've come across my blog, it's probably because you were looking for the kind of content it holds.  And that means if you're going to cast stones, you've also got to be willing to get hit with a few.

    HotWifeTexts: Alright. Good stuff. -- So, you're married?

    Baron Strong: No.

    HotWifeTexts: Oh, I thought you were married.

    Baron Strong: So does everyone who reads my blog apparently, either that, or that I'm a woman.

    HotWifeTexts: So you're not a woman either?

    Baron Strong: The last I checked, no. Although I will admit to crying at a lot of movies.

    HotWifeTexts: Well were you married?

    Baron Strong: Yes. Twice actually.

    HotWifeTexts: And did you swing with either of your wives?

    Baron Strong: Yes. Both of them actually.

    HotWifeTexts: Ah ha! So that's what led to the marriages ending. Right?

    Baron Strong: Wrong.

    HotWifeTexts: So what did then?

    Baron Strong: To be honest, it's none of your damn business.  Suffice it to say however, in neither case did it have to do with swinging or infidelity though.

    HotWifeTexts: I'm sorry. Did I upset you?

    Baron Strong: Not yet, but tread carefully.

    HotWifeTexts: Alright. Moving on.

    Baron Strong: Probably a good idea.

    HotWifeTexts: When did you think of this Baron Strong name?

    Baron Strong: When you asked my name earlier.

    HotWifeTexts: And does it have any significance?

    Baron Strong: Anonymity.

    HotWifeTexts: Besides that?

    Baron Strong: Not really. It reeks of masculinity though. Doesn't it?

    HotWifeTexts: I suppose so. Now back to this people thinking you're a woman thing again.  How often does that happen?

    Baron Strong: Every week at least once; in most cases, more.

    HotWifeTexts: Damn!  And does it irritate you as much as it seems to?

    Baron Strong: To be honest, it really doesn't bother me at all that they think I'm a woman.

    HotWifeTexts: It doesn't?

    Baron Strong: No.  What bothers me is when they message me with bullshit.  Like for instance, talking about how much they love the blog, and how they never miss a post when it's clear that isn't true since that item comes up frequently. Or worse yet, when I get a private message from some guy telling me how hot I am; how nice my tits are; etc. etc.  It only reminds me that most men are liars, and they really will fuck anyone or anything.  It's pretty easy to understand why women don't trust us.

    HotWifeTexts: So guys really tell you how hot you and your tits are?

    Baron Strong: All the time!  I sometimes follow it up by asking them what exactly they think my best feature is.

    HotWifeTexts: Just a few more questions, and we'll wrap this up.

    Baron Strong: Good, cause I'm getting fucking tired of sitting here.

    HotWifeTexts: How many married women have you slept with?

    Baron Strong: I assume you mean since I've been single?

    HotWifeTexts: Either/or.

    Baron Strong: When I was married we usually did the couples thing, only rarely did we bring another guy or girl into the fray for a threesome. But it had been known to happen from time to time.

    HotWifeTexts: And as a single guy?

    Baron Strong: More than five, less than ten.

    HotWifeTexts: So you've only had sex with about ten women?

    Baron Strong: No. You asked about married women.

    HotWifeTexts: Good point.  And speaking of your activities as a swinging bull, earlier you mentioned to only being about 5 and a half feet tall. Has that been a limiting factor in getting women to swing with you?

    Baron Strong: I'm not stupid. I'm sure it has been somewhat limiting, but it certainly hasn't prevented it. A little confidence can make you seem to stand a little taller with the opposite sex if they give you a chance.  And I'm not short on that at all.

    HotWifeTexts: So we discovered you aren't married earlier; do you have a girlfriend?

    Baron Strong: I'm not currently seeing anyone.

    HotWifeTexts: Do you want to be?

    Baron Strong: Who? You?

    HotWifeTexts: No, not me. That would be a bit weird. Wouldn't it?

    Baron Strong: Yeah, it would. And I see enough of you anyway!

    HotWifeTexts: Touché!  But some of our readers might really want to know. So, any interest in finding someone?

    Baron Strong: To be honest, I'm not entirely sure.  I get lonely like anyone else, and on some days I think there's nothing I would like more than to have someone to hold again.  But on other days, I'm reminded that I think that old saying, "Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" is total bullshit!  On those days, I think being single has its advantages, and I'd rather not risk the pain of losing again.

    HotWifeTexts: Kind of a coward's way of looking at things, don't you think?

    Baron Strong: Without knowing what I've been through, I don't think you're qualified to say that, Asshole!

    HotWifeTexts: Ah, but I do know what you've been through.

    Baron Strong: Yeah, I suppose you do, but they don't. Nor are they going to.

    HotWifeTexts: So did we get an answer?

    Baron Strong: I'm not sure. That is my answer!  I guess in a perfect world, yes I'd like to give it one more go round.  I'm also aware that we don't live in a perfect world however.

    HotWifeTexts: Very well. And that brings us to the end. So, real name?

    Baron Strong: Just call me, Baron -- Baron Strong.

    HotWifeText: Alright. Any final words?

    Baron Strong: Shit no man!  Nobody's going to read all this. I'm damn sure not adding any more to it.

    HotWifeTexts: Alright Baron, we thank you for your time.

    Baron Strong: The pleasure was all yours.


    If I send you my wifes number will you not mention me? I want to see how she reacts to random person texting her and trying to get her for sex

    Eh, that may actually be a bit different than what I do!  Generally speaking, sending women unsolicited messages is a bit creepy.  I mean, I suppose if you’re playing the “secret admirer” card, that could work.  But as I don’t know your wife nor have I ever seen your wife that doesn’t apply here.

    I’m not sure if you’re trying to catch your wife being unfaithful or not, but I’m not a pawn.  Or perhaps you’re willing to just let anyone text her, in which case I feel it is my duty to remind you that your number one duty is to protect her.  You don’t know anything about me, other than the fact that I run some sleezy blog on the Internet.  

    Now while I’m not a bad dude, the truth is you really don’t know that. You might want to take some time to vet the guys you go sending your wife’s phone number to in fan mails and private messages.  Out of respect for your wife (a woman whose name I don’t even know, nor have I ever seen so much as a picture of), I will not be sending her any random text messages.

    I may run a NSFW sleezy tumblr account, but I still have scruples.  I’m not the kind of guy to hide in shadows or stalk random women.  I have never spent time in prison, nor do I intend to in the future.  And while I am a bullish and muscular alpha male, who appreciates when a husband allows me to hook up with his wife – I’m really not into it when she doesn’t know that it’s going down.

    Call me sexist and “old fashioned,” but I still believe it’s our duty to protect our women.  If I’m being honest, even as a guy who specifically runs a blog known as “Hot Wife Texts” my heart still broke a little when I opened my fan mail and saw your wife’s phone number waiting there for a complete stranger that you know nothing about to do with as he pleases.  Seriously, not cool dude!

    Give Me Your Wife!

    Preferably to have my way with in person, but if not volunteer up her digits and/or Kik to me so that I can have a naughty little chat with her to make you jealous.  It’s been too long since my followers have received any personalized content featuring yours truly!

    And being the wordsmith that I am, we need to change that.

    Apparently I Offended Some of You Earlier

    like @andasquared for example. They also informed me of my hypocritical irony for running a “fetish” blog while simultaneously “judging” another fetish.  To both of these points I simply must reply.

    With regards to those I may have offended...

    Grow the hell up, and invest in some Kevlar for your skin. It’s a wee bit thin, friend.  For starters, you shouldn’t need nor seek validation from me or anyone else.  If you do, that’s a sign of much bigger problems than some jerk, like myself, stepping on your little toes.  Be proud of who you are whether I like it or not.  And if you can’t do that, you might want to lock yourself inside and avoid society at all costs.

    With regards to my rant being a sign of hypocrisy or irony...

    I’m sorry, but that’s just flat out silly and wrong.  To suggest that it is somehow ironic or judgmental to post a tongue-in-cheek negative rant about a fetish that neither appeals to nor makes sense to me when I also run a “fetish” blog is a laughable notion. That would be like telling someone who runs a blog about baseball that he isn’t allowed to write negative articles about the use of designated hitters or relief pitchers.  It would be like telling a guy who runs a pro Chicago Blackhawks blog that he is somehow obligated to like the Detroit Red Wings (for the record, I hate both of those teams, but I digress) as well.

    I’m sorry, but it’s a comparison that doesn’t work.  But as I said earlier, the post was mainly made in jest.  If you’re so uptight that you’d rather unfollow and hide than laugh, be my guest.  I won’t miss you. Besides that, my blog isn’t really intended for you anyway. It is a blog for adults after all.



    P.S. You’ve been served.

    If This Pisses Some of You Off and Causes Me To Lose Followers...

    so be it!  I just have to get this little rant off my chest.

    Guys with foot fetishes are fucking weird.  God gave women boobs, butts, lips, pink pussies, and long legs that can wrap around you and pull you into her... and you guys want to look at some fucking feet? For real?

    C’mon man! What the fuck is a sweaty, smelly foot with toe jam and sock lint going to do for you that some girl’s tight ass or soft, warm mouth isn’t?  Feet? Fucking feet? 

    Get the hell out of here with that! I’ll take a chick’s hand over her fucking foot any day; I mean at least she can actually grip you with that. And ain’t no bitch going to do that with her feet unless you’ve been dating some chimpanzee looking broads with fingers like toes and an opposable thumb on the side of her mother fuckin’ foot!

    And don’t be asking for no gosh damn “hot feet text messages.” They ain’t happening, and you best not be fucking typing your request to me with your toes either you little bitches!

  • For the record, no this issue isn’t that serious.  I’m just having some fun.  But if you can’t laugh or were genuinely offended, then you genuinely are free to stop following.
  • Two of my legs are short,

    but the third one isn’t!


    The joys of being a short alpha male with a big dick!  I’m always amused that women think that just because a guy is tall that he must be packing, or just because another fella is short that he can’t be.  Rest assured folks, how tall you stand on the ground is completely unrelated to how tall you stand in the saddle.


    Sharing Her

    So we were encouraged by hotwifetexts to share an experience from our past on here, here goes 😉

    She had a former lover that was a favorite of hers move out of state. When making plans for a vacation the best flight option included a layover in his town. We discussed it with him and decided on extending our layover to about 5 hours and meeting up with him in the airport hotel. What he didn’t know was that we booked 2 adjoining rooms and hurried to setup before he got there. He wanted her alone, but had no problem letting her video for me to watch later. The camera we have has a Bluetooth connection, so as they played and recorded I was able to watch live on my iPad next door.

    What a fun afternoon that was! If you want more details feel free to ask us 😀


    Damn liars!  I didn’t encourage them to share that story.  I DEMANDED IT!