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    Hey Baron, Do You Fuck Black Chicks?

    That’s the question I was asked.  And here’s my answer:

    I fuck white girls. I fuck black girls.  I fuck latinas.  I fuck asians.  American Indian, Irish, Bohemian, Chinese, Japanese, Pacific Islander, Farmer’s Daughter or Jersey Girl... It’s all pink in the middle!  I don’t discriminate.

    And on that notion, (WARNING: start of rant) I know there are an awful lot of “BBC Lovers” in our cuckold and swinging communities.  And that’s fine.  But lets drop this “Black cock is superior” bull shit.  Race doesn’t make anyone superior; nor does it make the cock any longer nor the pussy any tighter.  Fuck who you want to fuck; and love who you want to love.  But this racist nonsense of “superiority” or “extermination” is the type of bullshit that will keep mankind at odds with one another for no real reason.

    Soccer-Mom-Marie Had One of My Favorite Blogs

    from the very start.  And THEN she started featuring other women more and more frequently all of the time.  And now, thanks to her tireless efforts, I have seen more amazing titties than one man should be allowed. My right forearm is roughly 3 times the size of my left now due to all of the added exercise.  I think I’m starting to look a bit like Hellboy.

    The struggle is real. Thanks a lot @soccer-mom-marie. Thanks a lot!


    If you find your friends blog and learn they are a sex worker:

    Leave their blog. Don’t follow it, don’t read the posts, don’t comment on it, don’t talk to them about it. Just pretend like it never happened.

    There’s a reason we didn’t tell you our job. We risk relationships, future employment, current education, housing and everything else to be in this industry. Being outed as a sex worker could end everything for us, so let us have our place away from the people we know in real life.


    I think that not only is it an unrealistic expectation, but you sort of give up the right to ask people to “not follow, read, or comment” once you put your activities online.  That’s sort of like fucking in the bushes and then getting embarrassed or irritated that people actually stop to watch or investigate the sounds rather than keep on walking.

    Furthermore, I am a Web master and professional Internet marketer, so I know all about having an online presence.  The fact is that your Website/blog is your calling card.  There’s a 99% chance that you’re using that piece of real estate to profit and solicit new business, and there is a 100% chance that you should be if you aren’t.  As such, it’s a little ridiculous (not to mention counter productive from a business stand point) to ask people to ignore it.  

    I already used the fucking in the bushes analogy, but here’s another one for you.  Being a “sex worker” who decides to advertise online, and then asking people you know to not do so much as even read or follow is tantamount to having a big billboard made and then hoping that Mom and Dad don’t run across it, or telling them not to look if they do.  Putting aside the fact that I don’t think you have the right to tell someone what not to look at or follow (after all, they have every bit as much freedom to consume the content as you did to create it -- dare I say even more in most municipalities as their consumption of the material could be seen as pornography or erotica -- whereas in most locations, trading sex for cash is illegal), it simply isn’t practical.  People are going to look!

    You are right when you speak of all that you risk in that line of work however.  The part that you’re conveniently glossing over is the fact that it is just that... YOUR risk.  You made the decision to go there, and yes there are very real consequences that are possible with that decision.  That’s precisely what makes it a risk.  You have the right to make the choice you made, but you don’t get the luxury of simply erasing that risk and embarrassment any more than a drug dealer has the ability to say, “I know you came across those 4 kilos of coke in my trunk, but don’t look at it.  Just pretend it never happened.”

    I’m sorry, but it did.

    Apparently I Offended Some of You Earlier

    like @andasquared for example. They also informed me of my hypocritical irony for running a “fetish” blog while simultaneously “judging” another fetish.  To both of these points I simply must reply.

    With regards to those I may have offended...

    Grow the hell up, and invest in some Kevlar for your skin. It’s a wee bit thin, friend.  For starters, you shouldn’t need nor seek validation from me or anyone else.  If you do, that’s a sign of much bigger problems than some jerk, like myself, stepping on your little toes.  Be proud of who you are whether I like it or not.  And if you can’t do that, you might want to lock yourself inside and avoid society at all costs.

    With regards to my rant being a sign of hypocrisy or irony...

    I’m sorry, but that’s just flat out silly and wrong.  To suggest that it is somehow ironic or judgmental to post a tongue-in-cheek negative rant about a fetish that neither appeals to nor makes sense to me when I also run a “fetish” blog is a laughable notion. That would be like telling someone who runs a blog about baseball that he isn’t allowed to write negative articles about the use of designated hitters or relief pitchers.  It would be like telling a guy who runs a pro Chicago Blackhawks blog that he is somehow obligated to like the Detroit Red Wings (for the record, I hate both of those teams, but I digress) as well.

    I’m sorry, but it’s a comparison that doesn’t work.  But as I said earlier, the post was mainly made in jest.  If you’re so uptight that you’d rather unfollow and hide than laugh, be my guest.  I won’t miss you. Besides that, my blog isn’t really intended for you anyway. It is a blog for adults after all.



    P.S. You’ve been served.

    If This Pisses Some of You Off and Causes Me To Lose Followers...

    so be it!  I just have to get this little rant off my chest.

    Guys with foot fetishes are fucking weird.  God gave women boobs, butts, lips, pink pussies, and long legs that can wrap around you and pull you into her... and you guys want to look at some fucking feet? For real?

    C’mon man! What the fuck is a sweaty, smelly foot with toe jam and sock lint going to do for you that some girl’s tight ass or soft, warm mouth isn’t?  Feet? Fucking feet? 

    Get the hell out of here with that! I’ll take a chick’s hand over her fucking foot any day; I mean at least she can actually grip you with that. And ain’t no bitch going to do that with her feet unless you’ve been dating some chimpanzee looking broads with fingers like toes and an opposable thumb on the side of her mother fuckin’ foot!

    And don’t be asking for no gosh damn “hot feet text messages.” They ain’t happening, and you best not be fucking typing your request to me with your toes either you little bitches!

  • For the record, no this issue isn’t that serious.  I’m just having some fun.  But if you can’t laugh or were genuinely offended, then you genuinely are free to stop following.
  • OMG - AM I GAY? Nonsense! Thoughts Are NOT Actions!

    I have been reading my timeline lately, and I have seen several people (both men and women) wondering aloud whether or not doing or thinking certain things makes him/her gay.  So, I thought I would take this opportunity to address this issue.  Again, not standard "HotWifeText" affair, but I felt compelled anyway.  And since this is my Tumblr, you'll just have to indulge me. :-P

  • A girl asks, "I love watching lesbian porn, does that make me gay?"
  • Another girl asks, "When I masturbate, I sometimes think about other girls -- does this mean I'm a lesbian?"
  • A guy asks, "I have a girlfriend, but I like having toys and fingers put in my ass. Does this mean I'm gay?"
  • The first thing these questions and answers do is point to how we as a society (even those among us who may be pro gay rights, etc. By the way, I'm not making my personal thoughts known on that topic here.) don't exactly view a gay male and a gay female exactly the same.  Most people (gay or straight, male and female alike) find the thought of two women kissing or getting it on to be "HOT" and gives us this awkward feeling of, "I shouldn't be enjoying this, but I can't help it... I think I'll just keep my mouth closed and hope nobody catches me enjoying it too much."  Whereas most (that says most, not all) people see two men kissing, holding hands, or whatever and we are just left feeling awkward in general.  It's not the same type of "this is hot, but I'm not sure why exactly" awkwardness. It's just awkward.  

    I think there are a lot of reasons for that dealing from the fact that the female of our species is simply hotter (#TRUTH) than us men (Damn the unfair animal kingdom making us the only species that is trumped in the visual department by our female counterparts!), to the whole objectifying of women in our culture, turning them into sex symbols, and judging their worth based on their levels of "sexiness."  No, it's probably not fair (to either gender), but it is sort of where we are in all honesty. And I think the vast majority of us are well aware of it.

    Be that as it may, I didn't intend to go all psycho-analysis on you, and I'm not even sure why I typed that up other than I guess I just found it interesting how people have responded to the men and women dealing with this "Am I gay?" issue differently.  This was very evident when it became clear that if the woman was "guilty" of thinking about other women she was merely mentally/visually stimulated and gave no lasting identifying marks to her sexuality whereas the guy was "fine" so long as he didn't do the one thing the ladies were doing, namely THINK ABOUT IT.  Odd!

    In any event, here it is... the record is being set straight right here!

    Thinking about sex with someone of the same sex (whether you're a man or woman) no more makes you "gay" than thinking about robbing a bank makes you a bank robber. Desire does not equal fulfillment. Temptation does not equal succumbing.  Curiosity does not equal clarity.  Thoughts do not equal action.

    So the fact is if you think about having sex with someone of the same gender you MAY be gay but the fact that you think about it or have thought about it doesn't make it so.  There's much more to it than that.  So to any man or woman who comes across this and may be asking him/herself that age old question, "Am I gay?" because they are struggling with thoughts that they aren't sure define them allow me to say unequivocally, "It is neither your thoughts, nor your attractions, nor your curiosities, nor your temptations that make you gay.  If you aren't planning for a night out on the town with someone of the same sex or praying that they offer you tickets to the big game (or roses, if that is your thing. *wink*) so that you can go back to their place afterwards for an extended make out session on the sofa, you're probably not gay."

    NOTE: This article was not meant to address whether or not being gay is right or wrong.  It was written to provide a logical response to men and women who may be questioning their own sexuality for no other reason than the fact that they may have done a "double take" on the last set of buns that walked past them at Wal-Mart.  My advice... LET IT GO!

    What Is It With Foot Fetishes?

    I know normally all I share are hot wife text and pic messages, but I felt the urge to stir up a bit of shit today. So, without further adieu... What is up with some of you guys and your foot fetishes? I mean, FEET... SERIOUSLY? You are aware that God gave women things like boobs and pussy right? Why on earth would you ask to see some chick's feet when she is offering to stick some titties in your face? I mean, after all, you have your own damn feet! And yeah, you may say, "The appeal isn't that feet are unique to women. I know we have them too." To which I say, "Fine!" Maybe unique parts aren't your thing, but if you like stuff that women have that we have too, well I have news for you friend. They also have lips and asses like you and I as well. Either of which feel far better wrapped around your dick than some smelly feet! Best yet, tits, pussy, ass, mouths and long shapely legs all tend to be corn, callous, and toe jam free!