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    If I send you my wifes number will you not mention me? I want to see how she reacts to random person texting her and trying to get her for sex

    Eh, that may actually be a bit different than what I do!  Generally speaking, sending women unsolicited messages is a bit creepy.  I mean, I suppose if you’re playing the “secret admirer” card, that could work.  But as I don’t know your wife nor have I ever seen your wife that doesn’t apply here.

    I’m not sure if you’re trying to catch your wife being unfaithful or not, but I’m not a pawn.  Or perhaps you’re willing to just let anyone text her, in which case I feel it is my duty to remind you that your number one duty is to protect her.  You don’t know anything about me, other than the fact that I run some sleezy blog on the Internet.  

    Now while I’m not a bad dude, the truth is you really don’t know that. You might want to take some time to vet the guys you go sending your wife’s phone number to in fan mails and private messages.  Out of respect for your wife (a woman whose name I don’t even know, nor have I ever seen so much as a picture of), I will not be sending her any random text messages.

    I may run a NSFW sleezy tumblr account, but I still have scruples.  I’m not the kind of guy to hide in shadows or stalk random women.  I have never spent time in prison, nor do I intend to in the future.  And while I am a bullish and muscular alpha male, who appreciates when a husband allows me to hook up with his wife – I’m really not into it when she doesn’t know that it’s going down.

    Call me sexist and “old fashioned,” but I still believe it’s our duty to protect our women.  If I’m being honest, even as a guy who specifically runs a blog known as “Hot Wife Texts” my heart still broke a little when I opened my fan mail and saw your wife’s phone number waiting there for a complete stranger that you know nothing about to do with as he pleases.  Seriously, not cool dude!


    It happened again! I got a message from another random dude leaving me his wife's phone number and asking me to text her and see if I could seduce her. I sent him a link to this post, and now I am reblogging as a reminder for everyone else.

    Seriously guys, this is NOT SAFE, and it's also NOT COOL!


    @ddygrl had a great night last night that turned into a great morning! She went out with PJ again last night! They had a few drinks at the bar and then took a drive to his old neighborhood. While they were there they decided to park for a couple hours! She got home close to 8:00 this morning! A few firsts: first overnight with another guy and first time for me listening in over the phone! That was amazing!! It was also her 3rd date with him in a week and 5th since she met him on 4/1! Things are getting serious!Damn, I love that girl!!


    Here’s the final one gibby asked me to share with you donks.  After this, I’ll get back to posting some other content, but for now endy @ddygrl at work.

    P.S. Hey Gibby, you owe me a night with ddygrl!


    Wow! Yesterday was very eventful! @ddygrl’s been talking to and trading pics with a new guy at work. Yesterday she sucked his cock in an empty room at work! Her first uncircumcised cock & first foreign born fella! After she got off, I picked her up & we went to a bar for her friend’s birthday party. While we were there she started flirting with 2 other guys! By the end of the night she got a phone number from one of them and sucked the other guy’s dick in the bar bathroom! He was only 20! Amazing night! I love my slutty girl!


    A reblog my buddy sent to me while I was away.  Late but not forgotten.


    Wife’s Fuck Date 1-21-16

    So my wife went out and met one of her fuckbuddies last night- the engineer with the huge cock.  This is what she wore to the date:

    She met him at a bar not far from our house.  Then this is the text that I got from her:

    She says he took some pics of her with his camera while she was there, but I haven’t seen any yet.  I do know when I kissed her I could taste the cum he shot down her throat and when I fucked her, I could tell her pussy had just been fucked hard and stretched out by a big cock.  It was a nice little break for a Thursday night.



    “To do what?”

    “Fuck. Duh!”