Who doesn’t love a good summer bbq with a nice big juicy piece of meat!!! My dad had invited over his new work co-worker Mark for a little neighborhood block party. The moment he walked into the backyard my eyes were on him… sexy sprinkle of white hair, great arms in his tank… clearly took care of his body!! I also noticed the absent wedding… hmmm… my interest was peaked. I walked over and asked my dad to introduce us… and he quickly did… I offered to grab him a beer or cocktail… he asked for a gin and tonic… I smiled “be right back!” I handed it off to him and made sure to graze his hand… we chatted a bit about work, moving to town, recent divorce… he was intoxicating to chat with. 35 minutes later our drinks were drained “let me make you another…” He quickly responded “let me come lend a hand” I smiled big… we slipped in the back of the house and I opened the door for him… he paused in the small awkward stairwell up to the kitchen. I was so close to him.. and he smelled amazing… I couldn’t take… I pushed him up against the wall and sank to my knees… “I need you…!” He paused me for a second “I haven’t done anything like this in years…” “should I not….” I looked up at him… “suck me boy!!” I quickly yanked down his shorts and started swallowing his thick pole!!! Man he was hung and so tasty!!! His balls tightened and he squirted an amazing cocktail right down my throat. I stood and kissed him deep! He smiled… “let’s get that drink and head back to the bbq… but I was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight for a night cap?” I smiled big… “of course sir!”