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    Kink Suit


    When I said this was tight, I meant skin-fucking-tight!” Richard muffled through his mask as he strained to put on the suit. “Stick around, though… y’all ain’t gonna wanna miss this…”

    He intended to put on a show with his audience tonight, since one of his followers was kind enough to send him the suit. His toned body and willingness to try things others wouldn’t gained him a lot of subscribers to his OnlyFans account, and this most recent gift was one of the perks of the trade. After trying it on last night and testing some of its features, he knew this would get him plenty more subscribers.

    Richard finally got the suit over his shoulders and ready to zip up, Alright boys! Here goes…”

    He zipped the suit all the way up his torso to his neck. As soon as the zipper hit the top of its length, his suit—though it seemed impossible—got even tighter around his body, as if air was being sucked out of it.

    Aahhh, no worries, folks, this is just the first step. It like.. I don’t know, adheres to your body, or something. I don’t feel it tightening around me, it just feels like it’s becoming one with my skin… I don’t know how to explain it!”

    The suit finally stopped shrinking. Every single curve and crevice of Richard’s body was outlined, every dip and mound. It was as though the latex was his skin.

    Alright! Good to go… First thing I wanna show y’all: this is wild, y’all aren’t gonna believe this…”

    Richard gripped onto the headboard of his bed and twisted. Then he brought his arms around and twisted again in the same direction. Then again. And again. And again.

    He giggled, looking at the camera as his abdomen locked in a corkscrew, Isn’t this incredible?! I mean,” he bent forward and smacked his ass, now in his front, “I’m facing the same direction of my ass! And no pain or nothin’! Just feels like I’m made of rubber…”

    He twisted in the opposite direction and his body quickly spun back to its normal position, causing him to lose balance a little.

    Woo! I’ll never get used to that… And it works everywhere! Watch,” he gripped onto his hands and pulled backwards, his arms behinding back against the joint until it was curved all the way back. Then he bent over and pulled a leg forward until it bent backwards against the knee. He remained bent over and fed his torso between his legs and back up around, grunting slightly. He rested against his own back, “It’s like the rules of your body don’t matter! No joints, no stiff muscles, no restrictions… Oh! Speaking of no restrictions!”

    He let go and allowed himself to be unraveled until he stood back upright. He shook himself off for whatever reason, as if dizzied by his body’s springy, elastic movements.

    That was just part 1 of the suit’s features. This next one will really satisfy the kinkiest of you!” He punctuated his last statement with a wink. He shook an arm out and held it out in front of him, a look of concentration flashing across his face. Suddenly, the audience could hear the sounds of stretching rubber over the sounds of the R&B he was playing in the background, like hands dragging across an inflated balloon. Richard’s arm began lengthening across the room, keeping it’s muscular thickness but growing longer and longer and longer, until it touched the other end of the wall about 8 feet away from where he was standing. “How fuckin’ awesome is that?!” His extended arm quickly slingshotted back to him, snapping against his shoulder like a rubber band.

    Now, I know y’all came for a little bit more than arm action, so check this out…” Richard grinned as he brought his hands together and lifted them above his head in an exaggerated stretch, showcasing his impressive muscular torso and chest, outlined perfectly by the miracle shiny black suit he was wearing for his subscribers. Before long, his torso started lengthening, slowly but surely, his abs growing longer and longer and his chest now several feet long. All the while, he uttered out strained grunts as his body impossibly lengthened taller and taller. His legs followed suit, lengthening taller and taller but keeping their muscular thickness, as did his arms. He looked back into the camera and winked, hunched over and touching the ceiling of his apartment at this point, as he brought his hands up to his cheeks with his lengthened arms and pulled upwards. His neck began to stretch outwards with the suit, lengthening impossibly long like a giraffe. He slid down the wall to sit on the floor of his bedroom as he allowed his body to continue stretching longer and longer, as parts of him started to coil over themselves and tangle on the floor while he moaned loudly. His face was one of pure ecstasy as he kept growing longer and longer, covering his entire floor and looking like shiny, black muscular spaghetti, his vocalizations indicating that this was an extremely pleasurable experience for him.

    Richard’s seemingly endless coiling and piling of his extremities seemed to end, perhaps because he could stretch no further or perhaps because he was eager for his next demonstration. “OOOoooh fuuuuckk... You guys have no idea how that feels. It’s like your entire body is a cock and it’s being sucked longer and longer and longer,” he trailed off and his mouth hung open as more and more of his started to pile and coil on top of itself and across the floor of his apartment. It seemed as though Richard just then realized that he was getting carried away and looked back at the camera. “Anyways! That was fun, huh? But y’all ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” He grinned devilishly and then suddenly his body began to retract into itself, his extremities uncoiling and reeling back into his body at a rapid speed, making him appear like a home appliance with way too many retractable extension cords. The last of him snapped back into place, putting him back into his usual form and height. He stood up and took a bow for the camera, panting slightly.

    Alright guys, that concludes part 2. That’s right, there’s a part 3 to this shit! Holy fuck, I can’t want to show y’all this, give me one second.”

    He stepped off screen for a second and shortly after came back lugging a big box with a coiled hose attached to it. It appeared to be an air compressor. He took the plug out from inside the box and plugged in into the wall. He then flipped a switch on the box and a motorized, droning hum mixed with the sound of his R&B music in the background.

    In order to REALLY enjoy this suit, you’re gonna need one of these babies! Just go by any hardware store and you can find one for relatively cheap!” Richard said to the camera in a slightly higher volume to be heard over the noise. He spread his legs apart so he could show the camera the feature between his legs. “Around the taint area of the suit is this little nozzle here!” He showed the camera a small nozzle sticking out of the suit, between his ass and his cock and balls. “Once you go get one of these boxes, flip it on, attach the hose to the nozzle, and enjoy the fuckin ride, gents!”

    Richard awkwardly worked the hose into the nozzle between his legs and looked back up into the camera, Get your dicks out for this one, boys!” He leaned over and switched machine to the inflow direction. “Ooohh… I can already feel it…” he moaned as he stood back up from his squatted position. As he rightened his posture, his body just continued to keep rising taller, this ridges between his abs deepening and the slabs of muscle on his chest widening and growing. “MmmppfffooooohhhHHH FUCK! This is… fffuck, indescribable…” he rubbed his swelling bulge with both hands as his python arms twisted and grew with swelling muscle and his legs became bigger, thicker, and taller. “And this ain’t just air, boys, this is hard… Fuckin’… MEAT!” His voice grew progressively deeper and deeper between his last three words as he continued his growth, his muscles beginning to outpace the rate at which he was growing taller, making him thicker and broader like a bodybuilder. He lifted up his bed several feet in the air by the corner of the headboard with ease, grinning maniacally at the camera and hardly breaking a sweat. He let it drop back down with a loud, heavy thud as he twisted into several bodybuilder poses, watching himself grow in the camera as he showed off his ridiculous ass, arms, legs, and back. Once he was easily 6’9” and just over 400 lbs, he flipped off the machine.

    How about fuckinTHAT, huh?!” he boomed in a deep as hell voice as he flexed huge mounds of muscles on his arms and squeezed his pecs that were larger than most men’s torsos. “GAAAHH, feels fuckin’ unREAL!” He leaned into the camera, as if to tell his audience a secret. “Listen, guys.. This is the largest I’ve ever done it, but I think, maybe with a little motivation, I can get even.. bigger…” The comment section on the livestream went wild in the affirmative. “Alright! You’ve convinced me! Buckle in, boys..”

    He flipped back on the inflow, this time at a higher setting, and threw his head back again in a deep moan. His pec shelf grew deeper and broader, and his arms snaked longer and thicker out of him, forcing his shoulder and back to expand with swelling, rippling muscle. His knees, barely supporting his rapidly thickening thighs, started to buckle as his ass and crotch began to bulge and expand obscenely. He fell back onto his bed, the wood of the frame immediatley cracking loudly and causing the middle of the bed to cave, but Richard couldn’t care less as he pleasured the huge bulge growing from his crotch. His moaning and grunting grew deeper and deeper, bordering on animalistic, as gallons and gallons of cum began to pour out of his mammoth cock in a steady flow inside the suit. It had to have been 3 feet long and as wide as his thighs had been outside of the suit at this point, and it showed no sign of stopping. As he continued to void his ever-growing balls inside the suit, his back and legs writhed in pleasure, continuing to expand taller and wider. He was as wide as the length of his bed now, beginning to slip off the edges, and his legs had reached the other end of his room, forcing him to bend his legs so he didn’t pierce through the wall. He was too lost in either his throes of ecstasy or his increasingly feral mind to notice that he was was about to outgrow his room, but thankfully his seemingly endless ejaculation tapered off.

    His eyes opened and widened, realizing how large he had become and he reached down next to him to switch off the machine. He misjudged both his new strength and the new size of his fingers and inadvertently crushed the entire box, making it crush and sputter loudly but causing it to turn off. Huh huh huh huh huh huh….” he laughed in a dumb, animalistic chuckle in a voice like thunder. He strained an arm between his legs, almost now too thick to reach that far, and finally accessed the nozzle. He yanked the hose out and pulled up on the nozzle to open the release valve.

    Quickly, as if it were air exiting a deflating balloon, in fact sounding like a deflating balloon, Richard’s extremities and body began convulsing and flailing, losing its impossibly huge musculature in a matter of seconds. As he deflated, he let out pleasured moans vocalizations, steadily getting less and less deep as he returned to his standard size. Now back to normal, Richard sat up in the wreckage of his bed awkwardly and stood up. The suit was sagging and jiggling awkwardly all over, sloshing noisily as if filled with liquid.

    He looked down at himself in realization, Oh! Oh, well shit…. this is embarrassing…” he reached up to his neck and pulled at the zipper at the top of the suit. The suit hissed as it released suction from his body and he began to zip it down. As the zipper descended, a thick, white waterfall of jizz emptied out of the suit, forcing it back down to its regular tightness. His entire floor was soaked with gallons upon gallons of his own cum. “Well, that’s as pure evidence of a good time as Ive ever seen!” He laughed to himself and continued squeezing parts of the suit that still bulged, forcing more and more jizz to squirt out of its several openings.

    Remind me to do this outside next time! It’ll at least save me a bed frame and a carpet cleaning!” he giggled slightly and returned to his camera to close out the livestream. “Well, I hope that was big enough for you studs,” he winked, “Tell your friends all about it and send them to my channelI think I’ll do an encore demonstration same time tomorrow. I’ll find a nice place to do it outside and, who knows, maybe I’ll get even bigger. Thanks again to my dear anonymous follower who sent me the suit! This definitely isn’t the last time I’ll be using it. That’s all for today, boys! Stay safe, stay sexy. Ciao!”