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    H: …!

    B: Man…

    B:..You really let me have it. Must have been some fantasy.

    H: I fuck like a champ what can I say?

    B: Heh, right. You wanna shower? 

    H: Sure. After you. 



    H: Hey. Breda.

    H: You got time after your shift? I was hoping to ask you something.

    B: Yeah, sure. What’s up?

    B: Everything ok?

    H: Yeah. It was just…

    H: ….

    H: Actually, it’s stupid. Forget I said anything.

    B: You sure? We can…

    B: …meet up at my place if you want to talk


    B: Hey, wasn’t there something you wanted to ask me after. Or did you really just want to fool around.

    H: Heh, both, but I sort of forgot what it was I wanted to ask.

    B: ‘Right. How’s the sandwich?

    H: S’good! You always make the best ones.


    H: (I’ll ask him eventually.)

    Joe Kovacs’ wife posts a lot of shirtless Instagram stories of him when the weather warmer. That’s from one of them. Here’s what I have from there and whatever I’ve found on the internet.



    HOLY MOLEY! THANK YOU SO MUCH! And seriously, thank you so much for sharing! I went ahead and downloaded them. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Here’s a quick screenshot from one of the videos. I think I have died and gone to heaven… Who said that tumblr is dead? (Well, it is, but at least there are still cool people around like @mgdmt. You have made my millenia.