Sooo what happens now?  Like, am I supposed to become some fantasy Velma slut or something?

    I don’t know.  I mean the guy at the costume shop just said that I should dare you to wear it.  I told him my girlfriend would never go for that, but I guess here we are.

    Well sure, silly!  I always do anything you tell me to do.

    Wait, what?  No you don’t.  You always get mad at me for picking the restaurant or asking you to wear something more revealing when we go out.

    Jenkies, Daddy.  I don’t know what you’re talking about!

    Umm…. what?  Ok Victoria stop playing.

    Like, playing what?  Maybe I’ll just get down here like this… do you like this Daddy?

    Why are you calling me that?

    Oh!! Sorry! Would you rather I called you Master or something else?  Sorry!  I’m soo sorry.  I didn’t mean it.  I’ll do, like… anything… to make it up to you….

    Uhm, ok,sure Master is fine.  How do I test this?  Ok, here put the dog collar on.

    Yes Master!!!

    Whoa.  Ok… our night just got alot more fun,

    Whatever you say, Master!