BDSMLR Import is Complete!

    I'm fully imported over to BDSMLR with all my captions, stories, submissions and the like! Now all i need is YOU!

    Please come join me and follow me as all my posts have 0 likes and notes again! Find your favorites and perhaps see new ones, my pervy followers!

    Xxx. ~ Bailey

    Moving to BDSMLR.

    Hello my pervy milk sluts. After a lot of research on my options, considering many other alternative sites, I've landed on BDSMLR.

    Truth be told there is no 'perfect' alternative. All the sites wooing adult Tumblr blogs each have their pros, cons, and TOS limitations. Some are still in their infancy. But i feel BDSMLR suits my needs best. They don't tolerate underage/age-play, even implied or in a roleplay context, so I may have to stop the age regression captions but I feel thats a small price to pay considering it isnt a huge part of my posts.

    Search 'hypnoticbreastmilk' when you go there. There isn't much there as I'm waiting for my Tumblr to be imported which might take days or up to a week as so many blogs are moving there.

    Please like, share, and spread the word! I look forward to seeing many followers! If you wont make the jump, I understand. I'm not deleting this blog so what's left of it that isn't blocked will be there for you.

    Hugz n Kisses. Bailey.


    Do you have a bdsmlr or anywhere else where you'll keep posting, or you can at least upload the captions you already have? So many of your pretty pictures have gone away, and the links to your rp threads aren't working so I can't even read those :(

    I'm going to work on this soon. I have them all.


    "It's pretty cut and dry. We know you're the one stealing breast milk from the fridge. I would know as I put my own freshly pumped, hypnotic supply into the break room fridge this morning...

    It's goneand this entire time you've been staring at my breasts... a clear sign you've ingested my milk.

    So, you have two choices.

    One, you can resign effective immediately after you've publicly admitted your crimes in front of all your co-workers.

    Or two, you can keep your position if you become the office slut. This will require that you dress in more... how should we say... feminine attire. But don't worry, we'll helpyou with the panties, hose, and undergarments.

    You have 30 seconds to decide... lick my breast if you accept... the clock is ticking."


    Why do women like to tease men with small penises? It's not the man's fault that he was born with a small penis...

    Just as its not a woman’s fault that her breasts or hips are too shapely or too small for society. For men who appreciate females being dominant, there is a humilation factor that is arousing about feeling inadequate. Not all though. It’s personal taste and preference.

    Ultimately any fetish can be appreciated by one and be considered horrific to another. Lactation is another. Some consider it to taboo to lactate or breastfeed in public, but show your breasts off in a string bikini is fine. Porn ultimately sets unrealistic expectations that to enjoy sex as a guy you need a big cock and endless stamina, and for women you need an hourglass figure, or be skinny, or be chubby… whatever. Enjoy what you enjoy but be open that others fetishes are completely fine too.



    Hi! Where did you get the idea for this page?

    It spawned from my main blog 'hotmcaps' I did a few lesbian captions on breast milk and turning friends and they were so popular I decided... well... you all decided an entire storyline, kink, niche... whatever you want to call it... needed to exist!


    Are women also affected by the milk of their peers?

    Of course...  the key component is that while the milk is being ingested... the person being suckled thinks about what they want to happen to whomever is consuming the milk. Those thoughts are carried and absorbed into their bloodstream and thus, happens... Hypnotic breast milk knows no boundaries! :)