Chastity tournament


the picture is just to grab your eyes

Hi chasties and chasty!

I had an idea the last few weeks to create a tournament about chastity:


- The objective will be to remain chaste as long as possible.

- The tournament begins on November 1.

- On November 1st I will make a list of all the participants who will be visible on my blog, (you can obviously use pseudonyms) this list will be updated each time a participant gives up (when you jerked off) (obviously you must let me know if so).

- Of course, I'm counting on your good faith, I'm not going to check the pants of all the participants every day, so please be honest.

- The winner doesn't win anything special, it's just a tournament for fun.

- Nevertheless, each participant agrees to keep in contact with me in DM until they are eliminated (or not), if i have no news of you for a week you will be eliminated.


- To participate, just send me a DM before November 1 stating that you want to participate, and give me your name which will be displayed on the list (again, pseudonyms are allowed, and you can ask me to tag you with a @ if you want people to have access to your tumblr blog).

- Reblog this post if possible (you can skip this part if you’re too shy)

- You can wear a chastity cage / belt if you want, but it is not mandatory.

- No orgasms in any form are allowed, no caged orgasms, no ruined orgasms.

- And I don't want a participant who is dependent on a mistress / master, I want the freedom to give up the tournament to belong to the person who is chaste.


And for all the shy people who don't dare to get on the list but still participate hidden on their side, I see you 👀


Do not hesitate to talk about this tournament to people you think it may be of interest


For any questions feel free to send me a message either privately or in the "ask me a question" tab if you want everyone to see it.


PS: yes, i will participate, but don't expect me to last more than a week