Casper pooping in diaper story

You're casually playing with a bunch of lion plushies around the nursery. "Rawrrr! My mane is fluffier than yours! Just look how-Mfff!-" You stop mid-sentence and intentionally push for some reason, you quit pretending to be Gerald the Lion when you feel a sudden cramp in your tummy, it's uncomfortable and thankfully you just know how to make it stop. It’s became so easy to you for fixing such a problem. You set the furry animal down and got into your regular squatting position with your diaper on full display for anyone that may walk in. This is definitely your favorite part of the day, filling up the back of your diaper for mommy! She's going to be so proud! You just love to make her happy! You suckle on your pacifier and start to grunt and push as the poop falls into the backseat of your diaper. Breathing heavily through your paci and clenching your fists as you continue the babyish deed. Your diaper expands from the giant mess and balloons out making more room. It starts to spread all around inside your diaper begenning to push it’s way up to the front. You continue to bite down on your pacifier and enjoying the thrill of going SO MUCH in your dinosaur diaper! The new nursery smell radiates the room of baby powder and baby poopies. Just as your catching your breath and getting ready for round 2, the door knob turns as your mommy walks in getting a big whiff of what her baby just created for her. No knocking needed since baby’s don’t need privacy.

“Uh oh! What is that I smell? Is someone making presents for me.” She said looking down at my diaper that’s turning brown. She stops when she notices the grunts start coming back. “Oh- my baby is really gonna give me a big mess to clean up, huh? Just let it all go in your diaper sweetie.” She smiles and just stood there watching the show. You gave one more biiiiiiiig push and completely filled your diaper front to back! You sigh in relief from your biggest accomplishment of the day. “Hard day at work? She said giggling. “Take a seat baby, it’s okay; just rest your little tooshi. You did a great job for mommy.” You obeyed and plopped your diapered butt onto the hardwood floor and felt the poop spread around in every direction on your bottom.

You look down at the big warm and stinky diaper you created with a big cheeky smile! You just LOVE your DIAPERS so much! Your diapers are so squishy when you sit down! You turn around to show mommy your stinky bottom. “I made a poopy! I made a poopy!” You chanted. “Yes, yes you did little one! You did such a great job!” Mommy stated.

“Lay down for me baby boy, I’m gonna change your diaper on the floor this time”. Mommy said as she hovered over you and ticked your tummy. “Who’s my stinky boy?” You blushed while trying to hide your diaper. Mommy smiled looking at you failing from trying to cover the diaper with your shirt. “Oh, is it you? Are you my stinky boy? Don’t be shy, this is normal for a baby like you, you don’t know any better.” She said kissing your tummy. “Mwah! Now let’s get this butt all cleaned up!”