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Le plaisir est le bonheur des fous, le bonheur est le plaisir des sages. Le plaisir étant éphémère, et le désir durable, les hommes sont plus facilement menés par le désir que par le plaisir. Moi, je ne cherche pas le plaisir d'autrui. Je m'enchante égoïstement du plaisir de faire plaisir.

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2021-07-29 21:01:11

    You know I was thinking, we have Japanese-inspired movies like Pacific Rim, old-school Godzilla is making a comeback and I believe an Attack on titan live action film on the horizon. You know what movie I think could use a Hollywood rival: The Guyver.

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    "Let’s just salvage what we can and make the most out of it".

    Does that sound like someone talking about a [food] photo session to you? Because it was exactly what I said 3 months ago during the photo editing process of this recipe post. I’m not going to lie to y’all - food blogging is hard...