confused little girl
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2023-01-05 21:29:45

    Gotta get those gains somehow!


    *Daddy ties me to the exercise machine & programs in my daily hike/run. The rope between my legs rubs my pussy raw. He stands & whips me while I workout & sometimes sits down on the couch to stroke his cock while I scream & grunt behind the tape. Smack! Gotta keep my slut slave in good fit order. I know you dislike it. Especially the nipple milking before & the enema after. All of the things we do are necessary for the end goal: making you the sexiest, most fit sex slave wife. I think if you keep complaining so much, I'll program a 2nd run as soon as you finish this one. Maybe some clothes pins on your nipple & clit will help you ease your complaining*

    nice sadists are so so underrated.

    if a someone told me they loved that i suffer for them? omg im gonna nut

    tenderly caressing my cheek, then slapping it? beautiful 10/10

    that fake pity voice? GOD

    when they give you a break between spankings to play with your pussy? i’m in love

    on that same line of thinking, when there’s playful spankings, and you’re giggling and trying to get away until they’ve had enough of your squirming and they make you stay still? literally ughhh

    orgasm denial bc they love hearing you whine?? YES

    making you come so many times you cry because they love to see you cry? please please please

    don’t even get me started on humiliation.


    I prefer aftercare, but sometimes a spanking can be traumatic and occasionally a sobbing uncomfortably, young lady, needs a spell in the corner, in order to calm down


    No, young lady, you can’t pull your panties back up. As a matter of fact, take the damned things off. That’s what got you into this situation in the first place. You know very well what my house rules are….