Happiness is a Journey not a Destination

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    Pokemon is good because everybody who plays is given the exact same storyline and choices, but every person has a completely unique experience.

    There are currently over 750 trillion different team combinations, even each individual pokemon has only a 1 in 50 billion chance of being identical to another of the same species. And that’s not even including pokemon having different moves… That means that every Pokemon is a valuable once in a lifetime companion, and your adventure with your pokemon is and will always be completely unique to you, and that’s really special.

    Kvothe: So, I had this horrible childhood...

    Fitz: Don't even talk to me about that...

    Kvothe: And there is this girl now... I mean, I kind of love her, but things are always so difficult for us.

    Fitz: I know what you mean. And than you find these friends and they keep telling you what you should do.

    Kvothe: Yeah... Everyone thinks to know what is best.

    Fitz: But I know best, so I do as I please.

    Kvothe: And for some reason you always fuck up everything.

    Fitz: The universe is against us...

    Kvothe: Man, we belong to each other.