I have A LOT of sex toys and that's not even counting the ones that I've lost over the years. I didn't get this many without doing a lot of research along the way. With Decades of experience i am somewhat of an expert. I am a guy in a committed, monogomous relationship not looking for anything outside of honorable discussion. I think sex toys can be used for pleasure by any gender without it having anything to do with sexual orientation. I enjoy talking with others, if you have any questions about sex toys, their roles in a relationship or sex machines. I am not gay but i do enjoy the physical pleasure and flexibility sex toys allow in my relationship. If you want to contact me, no need to be shy, we will never meet, your thoughts or questions are safe with me., Tumblr message notifications are not the greatest, so you might try me at Sensualartist@kik for a quicker response. this blog is asexual, Big toys for big girls and boys..... Any images on this site are assumed to be public domain. If they are not please tell me and I will take them off.

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