<>Helping A Bro Out

<>Khylin Rhambo had a huge fight with his girlfriend and a week later she still didn’t put out. She was so mad and Khylin was so horny. 

<>He went over to Tyler’s place to play some X-box and somehow they ended up on Tyler’s bed practically naked. Khylin touched Tyler’s sexy ass and was surprised at how soft and firm it was. Damn, he needed to get off!

<>He then just blurted out:

<>“Can I use your ass to get off bro? My girlfriend hasn’t put out in a week and I’m dying here…”

<>All Tyler said was, he’d better be hung.

<>Khylin wasted no time and whipped out his hard cock. It was leaking pre-cum and Tyler admired it awestruck.

<>“That would feel so good in my ass!” Tyler thought.

<>Khylin flipped the boy over onto his stomach and started to rim his little hole. He had Tyler squirming and moaning, begging for his cock in no time.

<>Posey’s ass was the best he’d ever fucked and the boys kept fucking well into the night. Tyler had so much cum in his stomach he could hear it slosh back and forth inside…

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