I Like Your Fakes!

NSFW, 18+, Reblogging all you photoshop artists who bring my male celebrity fantasies to life! (None of these pictures were created by me.) I try to stay on topic both in what I post and which blogs I follow back.

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2018-12-13 08:16:17

    “C’mon boy, come to Daddy. Nestle that pretty face of yours in my lap,” purred Chris Hemsworth in a deep, gravelly voice as he feverishly tweaked his swollen nipple between his fingers, stroking his massively thick and lengthy cock to its erect state; a feat in itself that required a decent amount of blood. You obliged your muscular Master, crawling on all four’s to his tangled, musky crotch; your tight leather harness digging into your back and shoulders as it framed your chest and pecs. Like a newborn puppy craving the love and attention of its parent, you began to lightly lick and suck the Australian man’s thighs, looking up with large eyes as you did so.

    “I got something else you can put your mouth on,” teased the 35 year old Dom as he slapped his girthy manhood on and across your face, your cheeks and lips rippling as its dense thickness knocked you about. You could smell and taste the man’s masculine aroma as his organ made contact with your skin; your restricted loins stirring as you breathed in his sweat and musk. “Open up boy, let’s see how far you can go this time,” continued the blonde stud as he presented his throbbing head and piss-slit to you, a droplet of pre-cum resting on the tip like a dew-drop on a leaf.

    Hungrily and without hesitation, you widened your jaw and began swallowing the immense sword, moaning like a whore as your lips clamped around the veiny shaft. Slathering the rod with saliva, you worked your way down to the DILF’s pubic hair, using your hands to hold his base still as you bobbed your head in circular motions. “Oh yea, I wanna hear you choke and gag on this meat,” groaned the older man as he grabbed your head and pulled you towards him, sinking an additional 4-inches into your greedy gullet. Choking as your air supply was removed, your eyes began to water as your tongue danced around the oozing member. 

    Struggling, you were finally released after a brief spell, gagging on your own spit and the man’s pre-cum as your lungs refilled themselves. “Pathetic, I know you can do better than that,” gestured the man as he waved his wet manhood like a baton. Nodding and wiping away the thick mixture off your lips, you took a deep breath and relaxed your throat, plunging your opened airways back onto the 12-inch monster. “Oh fuck, that’s better,” cooed Hemsworth as he rested back into his chair, licking his lips at the sight and feel of your tight throat constricting around his cock like a python entangling its prey.

    “Keep that up and maybe … just maybe I’ll take your precious virginity.”

    <>‘1 Fake a Day’ - Day #2 (2018)