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    <>Story: Smutboy (check out his blog for more of his stories.)

    <>Images: MakeUgosplat

    <>Learning The Ropes

    <>KJ woke up with a startled jerk and he felt he couldn’t move his arm or legs. They were securely tied with rope to a tree in a desolate field. Confused, KJ looked around at the surrounding and had no clue as to how he got here and why he was tied up or who brought him here. His heart pounded faster and harder in his chest as the panic began to spread and he realized his vulnerable state.

    <>“Wh-what’s happening?” he whispered lazily, still trying to wake up completely.

    <>The answer came from a very familiar voice, his sergeant at the military academy his dad had forced him to enlist. Theo James approached him, slapped him and then snarled at him:

    <>“Finally you wake up, slut. It took a while. I bet you are tired after all the dicks you sucked last night”

    <>“H-how did you know about that? And why am I tied to a tree in the middle of nowhere!“ KJ said with a hint fear in his voice.

    <>“First of all, you have to call me Sir … second of all …” Theo unzipped his pants and let his big dripping cock out “… you’re here  because I know no one in this field can hear you scream”

    <>KJ started to understand what was going to happen

    <>“Please, Sir, I promise I won’t do it ag-”

    <>Theo slapped him again and said:
    “I don’t think it’s fair that only your fellow recruits enjoy your faggot services, bitch! If you act like a fag and cocksucker, surely you can take it up the ass too! Wouldn’t you agree? I, as your superior officer want to sample the goods too” the sergeant said sternly.

    <>“The guys were just frustrated and horny! I did them a favor! I’ve never been fucked! That’s different!” KJ said defensively.

    <>“There’s a first time for everything kid, and don’t tell me you haven’t checked me out in the shower, because I know you have. Your eyes always lingering on my cock and then you lick your lips without even realizing …isn’t that right?”

    <>KJ blushed and Theo took the opportunity to open his pants and yanked them down and tore open his shirt, exposing KJ’s toned chest and abs. The buttons flew left and right and he grabbed his underwear and simply tore them apart. He touched his cock, flaccid and significantly smaller than his own, and the boy moaned as the rough hand began masturbating his now leaking cock. He pushed his knee down on the pale boy’s abs for effect.

    <>“Looks like someone enjoying himself” Theo slapped his now naked ass hard and then rapidly put a finger in his hole, the only lube being his spit, making him yelp in surprise. His finger expertly found his sensitive spot inside his ass and he manipulated the helpless hunk’s mind and body with the gentle massage.

    <>As he whimpered and looked searchingly at Theo’s face, both of their manhoods responded to the situation and the need to fuck was inevitable.

    <>“F..faster, please “

    <>“Calm down, boy, If I don’t prepare you enough I’ll break this tiny little ass of yours.”

    <>Theo pulled his finger out and spat into his hand again and added another finger into the ginger’s hole.

    <>“Tell me, what do you want me to do to you, slut?”

    <>Theo laughed as he saw KJ desperate gaze, eyes glazed over with lust and moaning and craving to be pounded by the man’s dick.

    <>“S..sir, please, fuck me”, KJ croaked between moans and whimpers.

    <>“Because you are?” Theo grinned.

    <>“Answer, fag, or I’ll leave tied up all day long”

    <>“Because I’m a slut, Sir, and I need to be punished”, KJ admitted as he blushed. He dared not lift his eyes up as he said that. It was all too humiliating to hear himself confess such a thing to his sergeant.

    <>“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Theo said, and replaced the fingers with his engorged cock head and pushed the tip of his dick at the boy’s virgin asshole. A smile playing at the corners of his lips as he teased the hole, nearly pushing the tip inside and then pulling it back. He heard the frustrated sounds KJ made as the cock was pulled back. He knew the boy was ready to have his cherry popped.

    <>“Be a good little cock whore for me”, he whispered as he slowly let his ten inches start to push inside the quivering jock’s spasming hole.

    <>As he slowly sank his enormous cock balls deep inside him, Theo could feel KJ’s whole body tremble under him.
    It sure was challenging having his virgin hole stretched for the first time by a dick that big… but when Theo started to move, KJ didn’t care as the pleasure quickly overcame the pain.

    <>His first thrust was still slow and deep, making the tied up jock feel every inch of the huge dick fucking him, but after a couple of minutes, the sergeant couldn’t resist anymore hearing the tied boy begging to be pounded harder.

    <>So Theo slapped his ass and snarled:
    “This is what you want, isn’t it slut? I bet you want me to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to think of anything else than my big alpha dick for the rest of your fag life! I’m going to wreck your no longer virgin hole!”.

    <>KJ didn’t reply but simply whimpered and nodded his head ever so slightly. From that moment KJ felt like he was in heaven.

    <>Theo went all the way in and out.  Each second he pounded harder and more aggressively. The sergeant’s balls were hitting his ass making it red and after what seemed like hours of being rammed and used.

    <>Theo said harshly:

    <>“I’m ready to empty my balls and cum inside you! Are you ready to officially become a slut, baby?”
    As he said that, Theo came in the boy’s velvety ass and the moaning hunk felt the hot cum shoot inside like hot sauce. It spilled over and splattered all over his ass as well. KJ came hard as he felt that intimidating cock pulsate and empty it’s juice and his untouched cock spurted cum all over his abs.

    <>“Did you learn your lesson, fag? Or do I have to fuck you again to make you understand?”

    <>“I don’t think I get it yet, Sergeant. Can you please fuck me again, Sir?”, the lust dazed redhead said with an unsteady but desperate voice…

    Even though the Divergent series of films didn’t have the same cultural impact as Twilight or The Hunger Games, the movies did at least frame their male lead in a similar vein to Liam Hemsworth or Taylor Lautner; notably as sex symbols for teenagers and adults alike. Muscular, hairy and given piercing brown eyes and a strong jawline; Theo James is a masculine force to be reckoned with in terms of sex appeal.

    However, like all men who enjoy flaunting their acrobatic skills and raw strength for the camera, Theo James is just another submissive whore who will gladly bend down and spread his firm bubble-ass for monster cocks. The duality of presenting such a dominant facade in his daily life and career choices only highlights his deeply-buried inner desire to be grabbed, held-down, mounted and pounded; his tight hole quivering in carnal pulses as it drains yet another creamy load into its hungry, greedy cavity.

    Now all we need is a Y.A crossover event … or in Theo’s case, a gangbang.

    <>‘1 Fake a Day’ - Day#3 (2018)