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NSFW, 18+, Reblogging all you photoshop artists who bring my male celebrity fantasies to life! (None of these pictures were created by me.) I try to stay on topic both in what I post and which blogs I follow back.

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    <>🔴(SUPER<>EROES) 🔴NSFW Henry Cavill/Superman Edit #3 

     Several villains and heroes alike know about Superman’s true secret: he is a cum whore like no other man on Earth. They call him the “Man of Steel” not just because of his muscular, rock hard body, but also because the Son of Krypton loves being bound by steel and used by humans. Several lucky men have seen Superman in his most revealing suit, designed specifically so they can cover Superman’s body and face with their cum and use him for their pleasure.

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    Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa  - As the Aquaman premiere approaches, Jason is nervous about the reception of his work, but supportive friend Henry knows just how to tame the beast and set him at ease. 

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