I Like Your Fakes!

NSFW, 18+, Reblogging all you photoshop artists who bring my male celebrity fantasies to life! (None of these pictures were created by me.) I try to stay on topic both in what I post and which blogs I follow back.

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2018-12-13 08:16:17

    “God I needed this so badly. Yea tease my slutty hole, skewer me right here and now!” moaned Chris Pratt as he lifted his muscular legs into the air, presenting his hairy doorway to the hung and horny Uber-driver. “If I knew I was going to be fucking you in the backseat of my car, I would’ve cleaned the place up a bit,” joked the driver as he slapped his erection against the puckering entrance, sliding the tip of his throbbing organ past the loosened sphincter muscle.

    Pratt groaned and threw his head back as he allowed himself to be played and prodded with like an hourly escort, the windows fogging with their combined heat and sweat. “Do I have to give you 5 stars to just fuck me?” gibed Chris as he teased the similar aged man, his own manhood leaking pre-cum into his shaved stomach. With an unflinching growl, the Uber man thrust his hips and sent his wrapped member straight into his clients cookie-jar, moaning loudly as he felt Pratt’s slick and wet walls crush and smother his inserted penis.

    “Oh yea, pound my asshole; I want you to lean over me and breed my prostate, fill me with your dirty seed,” taunted Chris with half-closed eyes, the cramped interior reeking of his masculine and raunchy musk. “Careful what you wish for,” replied the man as he obliged the sultry request, burrowing the rest of his 8-inch snake into its new fleshy home. Their animal-like pants and groans were drowned out by the continuous sound of the driver’s hairy ballsack slapping against Pratt’s sweaty taint.

    “God I love ordering Uber XXL, they always know how to satisfy their riders” 

    <>‘1 Fake a Day’ - Day #1 (2018)