I Like Your Fakes!
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    “God I needed this so badly. Yea tease my slutty hole, skewer me right here and now!” moaned Chris Pratt as he lifted his muscular legs into the air, presenting his hairy doorway to the hung and horny Uber-driver. “If I knew I was going to be fucking you in the backseat of my car, I would’ve cleaned the place up a bit,” joked the driver as he slapped his erection against the puckering entrance, sliding the tip of his throbbing organ past the loosened sphincter muscle.

    Pratt groaned and threw his head back as he allowed himself to be played and prodded with like an hourly escort, the windows fogging with their combined heat and sweat. “Do I have to give you 5 stars to just fuck me?” gibed Chris as he teased the similar aged man, his own manhood leaking pre-cum into his shaved stomach. With an unflinching growl, the Uber man thrust his hips and sent his wrapped member straight into his clients cookie-jar, moaning loudly as he felt Pratt’s slick and wet walls crush and smother his inserted penis.

    “Oh yea, pound my asshole; I want you to lean over me and breed my prostate, fill me with your dirty seed,” taunted Chris with half-closed eyes, the cramped interior reeking of his masculine and raunchy musk. “Careful what you wish for,” replied the man as he obliged the sultry request, burrowing the rest of his 8-inch snake into its new fleshy home. Their animal-like pants and groans were drowned out by the continuous sound of the driver’s hairy ballsack slapping against Pratt’s sweaty taint.

    “God I love ordering Uber XXL, they always know how to satisfy their riders” 

    ‘1 Fake a Day’ - Day #1 (2018)

    One of the best wonders about owning your own farm and your own land far away from the hustle and bustle of other people and civilisation in general is the peaceful serenity that comes packaged with your therapeutic isolation. Walking through rows of trees, grass and other natural flora with the sun on your body and fresh air in your lungs does wonder for one’s mental health.

    Of course, this effect is only amplified the more ‘connected’ you are to the environment around you. Clothes and other material goods only restrict and hinder this process; hence why Pratt enjoys nude walks through his vast property. If you were willing to squat or illegally trespass, the payoff of seeing Chris in a tight jockstrap or better yet, nothing, might just be worth the minor criminal charge.

    “What’s that boy? I could quite hear you?” teased Pratt as he used the index fingers on both hands to stretch the tight hole beneath him, spitting a large globule of warm saliva deep into the fleshy tunnel. “Please finger me Daddy. I wanna feel your tongue and throbbing cock inside me,” moaned the paying client as his asshole was abused and toyed with; crumpled on the carpeted floor like a depraved slut.

    “What’s the magic word boy? Daddy might not be in the mood to fuck you hard if you’re not going to use your manners,” taunted Chris as he slid his digits into and out of the warm cookie-jar, disregarding the whines and groans from his temporary partner. “Please Daddy! Use my body like a fleshlight, I exist to serve you and your filthy desires,” moaned the fingered man; rolling his eyes back in ecstasy as he felt ‘Daddy’s’ knuckles rub against his loosening hole.

    “That’s a good boy, Daddy’s going to be very pleased with you,” replied Chris as he repositioned himself, tapping his 9-inch erection rapidly against the puckering entrance; spitting on the organ in preparation. “Oh please, fuck me Daddy, treat me like your slave; use my body however you want,” shouted the client as he lowered his chest and raised his ass, using his hands to spread his hairy ass apart.

    “Careful what you wish for, cos Daddy’s feeling a bit frisky tonight,” simply whispered Pratt as he plunged his manhood deep into the awaiting ass; moaning loudly as his organ was tightly wrapped with the man’s internal walls.

    Chris Pratt enjoys giving money to charity and helping others who haven’t been financially blessed as he has. Here’s the kicker though, not even he has endless amounts of money to give. Films do pay well for his charismatic inclusion, but that only happens once or twice a year if he’s lucky. So here’s how the 39 year old actor manages to maintain his lifestyle while also giving away millions. 

    Everyone knows erotic magazines and websites pay top-dollar for attractive celebrities to flash some skin, even better if they’re willing to go a few steps further. So when Pratt is jumping in pools and posing in jockstraps while cold water drips down his muscular body and brushes against his well-endowed crotch, just know that he’s doing it for a higher purpose.

    That or maybe he just likes selling his attractive body like a visual whore …

    You hadn’t expected such a situation to ever arise in a million years, yet here you were, inches away from Chris Pratt, the successful Hollywood actor … and his throbbing cock. “I apologise for my wardrobe malfunction, I can’t seem to find suit pants that can ‘accomodate’ my entire package,” admitted the actor timidly as he scratched the back of his head; his erection still bouncing with every subtle movement he made in his hips. “Lucky I’m a … tailor then,” you replied with a small gulp, a bead of sweat forming on your brow. 

    Bending down onto your knees and pulling out your trusty tape-measure that you kept clipped on your belt, you began to measure the actor’s waist and leg thickness, doing your best to ignore the dangling penis seemingly tempting your professional resolve. “What size are you?” you asked nonchalantly, hoping to break the tension with work-related chatter. “Oh … ok. I’m 8-inches I think, that’s what people tell me anyways,” embarrassingly clarified Pratt, nervously laughing as you continued to do your job. “I meant what size suit pants do you usually wear,” you corrected, biting your lip as you essentially felt the heat from the blood-filled organ ‘brushing’ against your face.

    “Oh right, that makes a lot more sense. I think large?” retorted Chris, hoping you had already forgotten about his innocent blunder. You nodded and continued to measure, gripping the handsome man’s legs and thighs to get accurate readings. Though it could be a coincidence, you could swear you saw Chris’s manhood pulse and throb when you lightly touched him from the corner of your eye. “Well, I could alter the front of your pants to give you much more room for your … package, but you’ll have to ‘deflate’ your organ first,” you explained, hiding your inner desires to simply deepthroat the thick and veiny member right down to hilt.

    “You want me to do that right now? I haven’t masturbated in ages,” conceded Pratt innocently, already stroking his erect cock right in front of your face. “Well, as a tailor, I could offer my services. This situation is more common than you might think,” you reassured, slowly bringing your mouth closer to the penis. “Really? Oh, well that’s handy. I never knew male tailor’s had that in their job description as well,” gushed Chris, allowing you and your wet, hot mouth to get even closer to his alluring junk. “Oh, you’d be surprised what I’ve been asked to do,” you mentioned before wrapping your tight lips around his sensitive tip, moaning loudly as you tasted his masculine manhood.