hey all, here's a petition to the Honolulu City Council, the Kailua Neighborhood Board, and Kailua and Oahu residents, urging them to support the Kawainui Street Apartments project in Kailua:

    <>this petition only has 310 signatures.

    and here's another petition (with 5 signatures at the time of posting this) by a group of volunteers working with the Faith Action for Community Equity group that made the other petition:

    <>if reading the above post bothered you, do something about it!

    <>sign the petitions before August 2nd and share this post.

    want to do more?

    <>write an email to a member of the council urging them to support affordable housing for Kailua residents.

    here's the contact information for the council members!

    do some good today!

    As always, write your own emails!