As you stared into the screen after opening the file that daddy had sent you, you felt a warm wave of calmness slowly cover your being. from the tip top of your cute little head to the bottom of your teeny tiny toes, you felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Your mind felt funny too… not a bad kind of funny either… it was a really good kind of funny. Your brain felt mushy, like it could be shaped by anything and anyone.

    your limbs felt like jelly and you slowly fell to the floor as each leg slowly gave out on you and you were forced upon your hands and knees, starred…deeper into the screen. slowly, words started floating past your mushy mind. tampering with your thoughts and ideas. as these words floated in one ear and out the other, you felt your own thoughts disappearing… bye bye thinkies!

    you felt good. as if your brain was being snuggled up in a warm heated blanket, able to melt under the warmth and weight of the suggestions that were encasing your consciousness. the suggestions kept coming, even more frequently now. you took a deep breath and inhaled…

    baby powder, that’s what you smelled, the sweet and delicate airy ozone of florals, violet, lavender and roses tickled your nose… as you kept breathing in deeper, the smell continued to permeate your olfactory senses. you closed your eyes and saw…pink

    there was nothing in your head, no thoughts or reservations about what was happening to you, no ideas or conflictions to the slow and effective takeover of your brain and body save for a thick pink cloud. the pink cloud shifted and swayed in your mind, behind the smoky façade you could still barely see and hear those suggestions which float by your ever diminishing psyche.

    suddenly one such suggestion, LET GO, crossed your mind’s eye and immediately, without hesitation, you obeyed…warmth, all over… warmth in your brain warmth on your body warmth in your…diaper.


    D I A P E R

    your diaper swelled and expanded as the warmth spread from the front of your diaper, down past the place where your thighs meet and started to warm your cheeks too.

    you fell on your stomach, giggling and gurgling in your newfound baby bliss as you felt your diaper continually expanding as your newly formatted brain demanded you push all thoughts and cognition of your old life out into your diaper. you were told by the suggestions that you would be so much happier this way. you were convinced and knew to continue to follow instructions.

    your brain was nearly gone, you kept pushing it all out, all out into your diaper. every thought, every word, every idea that wasnt covered in that soft pink haze that didnt make your brain feel all buzzy fuzzy dummy yummy…

    as you writhed on the floor, now gyrating the newly found source of the warmth against the floor, you felt it all slip away…finally…for good.

    your mouth opened up and all the drool you had been salivating this whole time came spilling out, dripping down your chin and soaking your breasts…your limbs had their Marinette strings cut, you were a dolly on the floor, ready to be played with.

    It was then, out of the corner of your eye, you saw your D a d d y open the door. a dumb smile shot across your face as your eyes perked up. Daddy was carrying an oversized pacifier sure to stuff your mouth and most of all a fresh, thick, crinkly diaper…

    “Well hello there babygirl, does someone need a change? Are you ready to be put back in diapers for good ? Are you ready to be my good little baby?”

    with a cheerful babble and a grunt, you barely nodded your head yes…


    Do you have a biggest diaper mess story?

    Not really a story but here’s a super embarrassing photo. Let’s just say... my tummy felt so much better after.😅

    I’ve been a very naughty girl lately. So because of my bratty behavior, Daddy has decided i’m not allowed to use the big girl potty for a week straight. These are my last pair of little girl panties and I had to ruin them with peepees /.\ This little baby is back to dipeys 🥺 Also Daddy says i have to post the video of me going potty /.\ which is even more embarrassing!

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    send him fun punishment ideas for an unruly little girl like me!


    If the woman you’re training fusses about having a shitty diaper, put her back in panties for a week. If she wants to be independent so bad, she can clean up her messes off the floor herself. She’ll soon remember that the privileges of diaper wearing (being allowed on the furniture, wearing pants, sleeping in a bed) are worth the price of sitting in her poop.