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2021-04-21 23:15:43

    So It’s been a solid month since I started playing Genshin Impact and this is probably the first drawing I did after a really long time..

    One of my favorite characters is Zhongli💛

    His rerun is so close and I really do hope he will come home! I have my lovely geo traveler I want to match him with for resonance (and yes because I love them both........ and ok yes, I ship them too) but I say I hope, because i had the soft pity so near and enough wishes to get him guaranteed.. but our boy Childe decided to join my crew.

    *inhales* I mean I’m so happy to have him but hsjdhj now I really do hope the five stars I’ll get will be Mr Zhongli🙏🏻

    He really does not ave a reason to not come dhgdjsh,we even got Childe come on, he’ll pay for us all (not true I’m broke and he pretends mora from me too I can’t)

    Putting this aside..... DRAGONS

    One thing I was obsessed with during my childhood and that I still love so much is dragons, I love to draw them, they have a special place in my heart, and the fact that Mr Zhongli.. or one of his many forms was a dragon is really fantastic to me *pat pats mr Rex Lapis amazing dragon*

    I actually planned on drawing Aether, Childe, Xiao, Ganyu and probably Venti, and it would have been a cute thing with a snoozing Rex Lapis and the others playing and chilling with him.. but to do that on that same sheet of paper meant an absolute mess as a result so it’ll be for another time, in hopes I’ll be able to make it reality, amen.

    Honestly, people being surprised that Traveler is 500+ years old, like, good morning? They told us long time ago and its written on the bio. Its just shows that people dont read or want to take information that we get from the game, the Traveler is just short and cute. Same thing as how surprisingly young Scaramouche looks like even tho he is older than Childe and everyone is FINE

    I decided to write a list of songs I’d love to hear in edits (along with what the edit’s about) because I can’t make edit videos ;) May some talented person find inspiration from this, amen🙏🏻. (Actually you’re free to do whatever you prefer with these songs, I just wanna hear them in edits) (Also, there’s a lot of Mike, Nort and Tonton cause they’re my mains, sorry) I will probably update it adding other stuff

    |Who’s side are you on?| Matt Bianco-

    Golden rose theater/ Ronald of ness

    |Trouble| Alan Cumming-

    Mr Mole (the part that goes “I’m evil, evil, evil, as can be” More a funny edit)

    |Teeth| Lady Gaga-

    Mr Mole (cause.. you know.. his teeth)

    |It’s alright| Morher Mother-

    Tonton Jarhead&Cocoa Bean

    (Go read 147 on AO3 ;-;💕)

    |Sway| Michael Bublé-

    Ronald of ness or theater Tonton

    (I headcanon Ronald’s voice sounding like Michael’s)

    |The villain I appear to be| Connor Spiotto, Molly Pease-

    Demi True Proof (or just Her, I love her)

    |Ricordami| Michele Bravi-

    Tonton Soul Catcher&Puppet

    (Yes it’s from the Italian dubbed Coco, actually I’m not sure if it’s in the original too, but I love it it’s so soft)

    |Lollipop| Mika-

    Ganji Lava cake or Candy land fellas

    (or GanjiMike Lava&Cocoa oh wait there are zero fanarts- ;-;)

    |Money, Money, Money| Abba/Mamma mia-

    Norton (Mr Mole?)

    |Express| Christina Aguilera-

    Mike Sparrow/Swifts

    |The midnight Waltz| David Garret-

    AndVic Keyboard&Conductor

    (In hopes someone drew them waltzing)

    |Disco Inferno| original or Glee Cast ver-

    Antonio Inferno Sonata

    (or Infernal Luchinini plus their son Keyboard)

    |God only knows| MKTO-


    |Careless whisper| George Michael-

    Ronald of Ness

    (Tonight the music seeems so looud~)

    |I don’t dance| Chad, Ryan HSM-

    Wild Pitch Norton

    (and you can add the other sports fellas)

    |HACK| Shuta Sueyoshi- Mike

    |Absinthe| IDK how but they found me- WHOEVER YOU WANT

    |Tightrope| Michelle Williams-

    Tonton or Kurtvais

    |Putting on the ritz| (the version you prefer)-

    Demi True Proof (or add who you prefer)

    |Singing in the rain|-

    Emily Rhythm of the rain

    |Please mr Postman| Carpenters-VICTOR!!!!!

    |Ophelia| The Lumineers-

    Mike Fool’s heart

    (Fool’s heart&Magic item keeper)

    |Roaring 20s| Panic at the disco-

    Whoever you want

    |Tattoos| Caravan palace-

    Mike Mr Swifts

    |Alice| Pogo- Kurt Alice

    |Forget| Pogo- Kurt

    |Why don’t you do Right| Beth Hart, Joe Bonamassa-

    Demi (or idv girls or KevDemiJose or what you prefer)

    |Magnetic| Monsta X-


    |Roller Coaster| Monsta X-

    Mike (could also be Mike, Joker and Margie... or MargJok)

    ~the end for now~


    so cool!!! you really are so cool!! what else can your doll do? *o* can you teach them how to juggle??


    “M- me??? Coming from you, that’s- ??? I don’t- But you’re so-”


    “Ehem. Here, let me just show you how to use it.”


    “So, really, the doll is only as capable as the person controlling it. Theoretically if the user is good enough at the task at hand, they can get the thing to do basically whatever. Essentially,I certainly can’t teach it how to juggle, but I bet you could.”

    Here are four skins I drew some time ago✨

    These are obviously not canon but I would like to have them in game! Surely adjusted but yes something like that.

    For the first one I took inspiration from a cosplayer I saw long time ago on tiktok, they were cosplaying Mike and I liked a lot the costume, so I decided to redraw it, I don’t mean to steal it and proclaim it as mine, I just don’t remember the account;-; it was really long ago. If that person will ever find this post I’m sorry, I will give you credits when I find you again!!

    For the Mushroom one (Amanita Muscaria).. I just love that mushroom, it’s so aesthetic hahah! Aaaaand I would have loved the colorful mushroom skin for Mike instead of William.. ;-; but hey Netease! You could just make another one *wink*

    And the final one came out while I was watching Ru Paul’s drag race

    You can clearly see these all have been drawn in different times because the art stile is different XD but it’s ok

    It’s time to post some old stuff to compensate the bad feeling I have for not posting for days on Instagram.. again! *wink*

    The thing is I have uhm.. I don’t want to say “a lot” but I have some ideas in my lil brain, and I have part of these ideas in progress on Procreate, there are five principal drawings I’m working on and other things I abandoned ;-; (mostly because I don’t feel like I’m enough competent to do what I want to do)

    And because of this feeling I often block and leave stuff there unfinished for ages. I would like to finish something so that I can finally post it.. it’s not a matter of likes, it’s that I feel sorry, and that I want to share something that is in part mine, that I created and finished and so I can say “Oh yes I made it!✨” ;-;

    I’m always so happy to see new fanarts and content about the things I like, so I thought that maybe someone else could get a spark of joy too from what I create🥺 and it would be so nice *smiles soft*

    Ok I don’t always create cute cute stuff XD but I’d like to share the more I can, in order to feel less shy? Maybe? Who knows

    OH BUT I FORGOT HSJDHDJ this wasn’t about my thoughts.. what we have here is a remake of two album covers, respectively of Funhouse by Pink and Bon Appetite by Katy Perry, and of course we have Swifts and Cocoa! There was a trend on tiktok back then, people were drawing anime characters in album covers, so I said “Well let’s draw ma luv Mikey!” And here we are

    His perfect creation✨ (I know it’s not true I just like to match Cocoa Bean and Lava cake hahaha)

    I really really really hope to get mr Lava Cake from Candyland essences, I want him to be my first S skin🙏🏻😞 I couldn’t resist anymore so I bought Ganji and I really like to play him.

    Tomorrow’s my birthday so please Lava!! ;-; do it for me