I’ve definitely come to find enabling more of a turn on. It’s almost a type of force feeding in its own right, because even a very hopeless pig of a person would likely stop or slowdown when left to their own devices. Either fear, pain, laziness in getting ones own food, or the minor activity involved in talking care of oneself will keep most from falling off that left. 

But if you’re an enabling feeder, then at some point you’ve actively taken control while convincing your poor lover it’s their own fault. At some point you insisted that your partner eat more food even though they wanted to stop, and they kept going just for you. Now they can’t stop themselves as long as you put more food out, even if you insist they should diet. 

At some point you began jumping to do every menial task for them that they could easily go themselves. At first they felt awkward because of a natural sense of Independence, but then they convince themselves they are doing you a favor by letting you feel like your being a caring partner. Now without realizing it they are useless and helpless without your care. 

Now as long as you enable your love by leaving out more food, no matter how much it hurts, how much they want to stop, even while you tell them they should because it’s killing them, they are physically and mentally incapable of controlling themselves. Even while they beg you to stop supplying food, you won’t have to force or even insist on a single bite.