Breeding and Impregnation Comics #18

    COMING EVENT Soushuuhen

    Who would have guessed that when you anthropomorphize battleships into sexy anime girls, they'll be so obsessed with getting bred by their Admiral? This particular character is that delightful combination of eager and pushy, basically just informing her Admiral that they'll be fucking and that she's going to take his virile load right inside her. Obviously the man has good swimmers - he is the Admiral after all!

    Grimm Breeders Series (RWBY)

    While I am not familiar with the series, this is definitely the classic perverted tale of heroines getting seduced, fucked, and bred by their monstrous enemies. In this case a big brute is the one who collects for himself a fertile harem of heroines, and in a series of short comics proceeds to get attended by them and of course plant of his abominable seed into their oh so fertile bellies.

    Muscular Girl

    A simple title for a simple comic. It's just straight-out fucking of a hot, fit girl in a leotard. When the only true line of dialogue in the whole things is, "Today's not safe <3" and followed by renewed fucking, you know how it's going to end up. Soon enough that flat, trim belly is going to be getting a pretty little bump, though I don't think she'll object to that one bit.

    Pimping Jasmine

    This one is certainly more hardcore and degradation-based than most, so it won't be everyone's cup of tea and isn't really mine either. However, who hasn't imagined Jasmine from Aladin getting knocked up one way or another at some point in their life? In this artist's envisioning it's from her sluttish addiction to degrading sex that renders the princess into a lowly cumslut prostitute with her hero nowhere in sight. Once she could see the world, and now she can't even see her own feet... via Impregnation Erotica

    Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #66

    Horny Girl Is Desperate To Be Seeded By Her Boyfriend

    Sometimes the humble Amateur production hits the right spot! This one has a nice consciousness of the show of that breeding, getting into positions for the camera that don’t just have the same shot of man-ass over and over again. By the time the fucking gets good the quiet lady is begging for her breeding – and that’s what she gets!

    Getting My Stupid Little Slut Pregnant

    If you like dirty talk threats of knocking up a young, dumb, and fertile cunt, then this short clip will do the trick! Unfortunately it doesn’t continue past when his horny girl is creaming on his bare cock, but for what is there – riding and getting her flat belly rubbed and patted as he promises to knock her up – it’s good stuff!

    Get Step Mom Pregnant! Hardcore POV Creampie With Busty Larkin Love

    My god, Larkin Love is like the epitome of the sexy Goth-mommy aesthetic. Using that sultry voice of hers and some great acting, she implores her step-son to do what his father cannot: Give her a baby. Lots of blowjob action interspersed with bareback doggy style, and Larkin certainly excels at both!

    Mortal Kombat Cassie Cage Fucked And Creampie In The Gym Locker Room

    One thing that many animated porn videos struggle with is sound design, but not this one. The simple fucking of Cassie Cage in a locker room setting is turned from ho-hum to terribly sexy by the voicework and the sound effects. When she says, “I don’t care if you get me pregnant – knock me up, fucking knock me up!” it absolutely makes the whole video hands-down!

    Pumps And A Bump PMV

    Sinnshaft is definitely in that elite club of excellent impregnation video content creators. He usually focuses on porn music videos with all kinds of pregnant ladies dancing, showing off, and fucking, and they are all worth checking out – especially if you’re a bigger fan of the ‘results’ side of breeding.

    via Impregnation Erotica

    Breeding and Impregnation Comics #19

    [Wasu] Nomarete Eikyuu ni Futari De

    An odd monster-on-girl comic to start off with with an odd mixture of themes: Monstergirl, corruption, lesbian, non-harmful vore, romance, and of core impregnation. When a horny monster girl confesses her love to her former friend and devours her in a fucktube and impregnates her, well... I suppose that makes for a happy ending?

    [Tukisiro Saya] Netsu | Fever

    When a fever forces a confused young man to stay home with his sexy sleeping step-sister, he simply can't help himself. Lying to her to make her think he recorded his violation of her - and her enjoying it on some level - he leverages her into becoming his fucktoy. And she has no protection from the fever, or otherwise...

    [TeamAcorn (Sallyhot)] The Bat Who Cried Werehog

    Oh we can't have only one strange combination of naughty themes, can we? How about we take Sonic characters, werewolf, imprisonment, cock deformation, cuckqueaning, and impregnation all into one? Why is a hedgehog a werewolf? Why is a bunny-woman entrapping her friends? Who knows! Definitely a niche pick for sure, but I'm all for those swollen bellies in the end...

    [GABUGABU (GABURI)] Shiawase na Katei o Kizukou

    When a runaway is approached by a seemingly kind old man offering her a place to stay for the night, she unwittingly get ensnared by him and his devious lusts. But what begins as forced insemination eventually turns to enraptured eagerness. All she wanted in the end was to have a happy family, and that's what she'll get.

    via Impregnation Erotica

    Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #65

    Fun Sex & Bloopers! (He came Early!!)

    Now what makes a horny, submissive girl look more fit for the role than a leash? This one doesn't have a creampie in it unfortunately, but it's adorable (and arousing) to see a girl genuinely getting into the sexiness. Plus a bit of real-sex laughter definitely adds to is wholesome, load-dropping qualities!

    A Fertile Wedding Night POV Impregnation

    Granted, this is just a clip from the full video from Blackxrose92, however it's got a bit of good dirty talk for the roleplay we'd all enjoy living out: Consummating the wedding night in the most proper way possible by filling up the bride's fertile snatch with every ounce of cum we can muster!

    Brooke Marie Pregnant Cheerleader Bribes Coach

    When the star quarterback scores the wrong kind of touchdown inside the head cheerleader's fertile pussy, the coach facing a dilemma: Placate this horny bitch and bang this horny manipulating bitch, or lose out on his star player's future play potential. Ahhh... such a hard choice. But I'm sure we'll all agree he makes the right one.

    Krystal Gets Gangbanged by Elites

     I swear I've seen this fox-lady getting banged by every kind of male creature-character in Sci-Fi video games at this point! Why not have her furry pussy stuffed full of Elite spunk, to the point that she's gotten her womb rounded out with the massive loads? No doubt she'd be pregnant with some kind of alien hybrid by the end of this...

    Crazy Ex Girlfriend Is Having Your Baby If You Like It Or No

    Well, her pushiness might have been irritating otherwise, but when it comes to barging into his house and demanding sex - unprotected sex - it's quite the charming trait! Lots of dirty talk from this horny ex-girlfriend who is craving to anchor him down with a baby. If you can't get rid of her, might as well breed her like the horny bitch she is! via Impregnation Erotica

    Santa's Naughty Helper | Patreon Monthly Story

    This year my Patrons at the Derren Grathy Patreon voted for a holiday Cuckqueaning episode, and thus Santa's Naughty Helper has been delivered. 'Tis the season for sharing, and so you all can enjoy the sort of thing produced every month over on my Patreon!

    Merry Christmas to you all, and may you all have a very happy New Year!

    "This... is a little weird," John said. His wife, Kelly, kept smiling as she lowered the festive green-and-red blindfold down over her husband's eyes.

    "Tis the season, honey!" she said. The cheer in the woman's voice was unmistakable and just as garish as the skimpy Mrs. Clause outfit she now wore. Her tight rump wiggled high on the bed as she tightened the final bow behind her husband's red-capped head - the perfect present for the evening.

    "Hmmm, will I get to at least unwrap you a little bit?" John blindly groped toward's his wife's fur-bordered bra, but all his fingers grasped were the next pair of silken ribbons she quickly circled around his wrists.

    "Nu-uh, naughty boy. No opening your presents till Santa's little helper has come!"

    "Heh, I thought you were Mrs. Clause this year..." Only John's wry grin showed beneath his blindfold as his wife secured both his hands high up on the headboard. For a moment the cattish grin on her lips faultered - had she slipped up? But after a twitch of her husband's cock, as bare as the rest of him, she regained her cool Christmas composure.

    "Santa has lots of helpers. Particularly his loyal, loving wife..."

    She wrapped her fingers around his cock and gave it a few slow tugs. No longer limp and soft as figgy pudding, his fleshy mast rose high in mere seconds in her palm. Despite his reservations, Santa's second head was more than happy to be his wife's present this year. Satisfied with his response, Kelly slapped down a big red bow right above his turgid member.

    "There! All done!" Kelly clapped her hands through her girlish giggle. John tested his restraints and moved his head as if to look down at his now properly decorated crotch.

    "No wrapping down there?" he asked and smirked again, "You going for another little present to open up in September like last year?"

    "Mmmm, maybe~" Kelly replied with a little kiss straight to her husband's cockhead. The suggestion definitely had its effect on John. The whole length of his member pulsed, no doubt remembering last year when Santa stuffed his wife's stocking with his babymaking load. It drooled in approval, its tip more succulent than a sugared plum, and it took everything the woman had to not start licking him like the season's first candy cane.

    "But first, you wait right here." Kelly straightened up with some effort and backed up her short skirt and knee-high polished boots till she gripped the frame of the door. "Mrs. Clause has one more little surprise to get before getting to your yuletide log..." 

    John sighed and blindly sent her off with a teasing thrust of his hips. It nearly buckled her legs, but only a trickle of wetness streaked down the woman's red lacy panties instead. She turned the corner and smiled at the final piece to her plan that would definitely put them all on the naughty list for life.

    "You ready, Lisa?"

    The blonde woman nodded, her hands clasped tightly together beneath her own fur-lined green bra. It was a cautious but eager nod, but one that shook the little bells attached to her green elf cap and silken garter belt. She stopped, shocked by the festive sound her own naughty outfit made.

    "Is this - Kelly, are you sure this is okay? He's your husband..." she hissed, her voice barely larger than a mouse. But Kelly nodded, without a moment of hesitation.

    "I'm so okay with this I can hardly wait!" Kelly whispered back, her smile bright enough to light up even the dark hallway. Still her best friend glanced back towards the baby's room, then over Kelly's shoulder towards the livingroom window - back towards her own house across the street.

    "But what if my husband calls. What if-"

    "What if this year he doesn't give you the present you've wanted ever since I met you? Again?" Unabashed, Kelly reached out to her friend's supple belly. It was flat, flat like it had been since they met in college. Flat and toned, without the subtle rounding that now graced Kelly's own. Lisa swallowed, and the sleighbells around her fertile hips gave a knowing shake.

    "He's... trying..." Lisa mumbled. Not even she was convinced, and Kelly would have none of it. Her new baby sleeping soundly in the next room needed a playmate, and Lisa was going to make that playmate - one way or another! Kelly grabbed her friend by the shoulders and pressed herself up tight against her. Their bellies touched, and a knowing shudder of desire passed through Lisa despite her words.

    "My husband tried too, last year. Once. During this very time of year. I'm not asking for much, Lisa. Just, you know... make a baby with my husband. Please?"

    A knowing shudder of desire passed through Kelly's friend right then. Kelly remembered every envious glance she'd given her belly as it had grown throughout the year, every wanting look she cast towards her husband and her. John managed to knock her up on their very first try, something Lisa's husband hadn't managed in nearly three years of it. And now, held tight in Kelly's grasp, the grinning woman felt the very last strings holding back her desperate friend finally snap.

    "Okay. Okay! God, jesus... this is so wrong. What is John going to think?"

    "He won't even know the difference - and neither will your husband, you'll see! In fact, all we're going to give you is a very, very Merry Christmas this year. Now - shhh!"

    A quick press of her lips silenced the last remaining protests out of her friend. Where Lisa trembled with uncertainty, Kelly vibrated with excitement. They broke the kiss silently, then Kelly pranced up behind her friend to whisper in her ear.

    "Now, Santa's waiting for his naughty little helper..." she said, and gave her a firm push. Stumbling into the master bedroom, Lisa barely caught herself on the foot of the bed to the sound of her elfish bells sounding out.

    "Ahh, sleigh bells, eh? Is my little helper going to take a sleigh ride tonight?" he teased, flexing his hips again. In all the time of his waiting for his wife to return his erection hadn't gone down. Still his veiny cock throbbed and drooled with precum in want of tight, fertile pussy. Only tonight, it wasn't going to be his wife's.

    Lisa gasped into her clasped hands. Kelly watched her friend from the doorway, her eyes absolutely frozen on her husband's big dick all unwrapped and waiting with a bow - just for her. Sneaking up behind her dumbfounded friend, she whispered ever so softly into her ear.

    "I told you he's big," Kelly sighed and petted down her friend's bare belly, "And he's going to fill out your whole chimney tonight..."

    Lisa trembled. No doubt such a big cock frightened her, considering what she was so used to with her own husband. But despite the shiver in her arms and legs, there was a growing warmth between her thighs - one that Kelly helped herself to feeling with the slow stroke of her hand. Her fingers were already drenched in her own excitement too.

    Then, much more gently this time, Kelly nudged her friend forward. Carefully and silently, Lisa meekly crawled onto the bed. Her eyes darted from John imposing member to his blindfolded face. His smirk only grew as he felt the weight of his woman straddling over him. Except it wasn't his woman, not yet at least...

    Kelly moved aside to watch the show from the edge of the bed. Never before had she been there, at the sidelines, about to watch her beloved husband nail another woman. Only in her naughtiest fantasies had she imagined it happening. Now her best friend in the world was on her knees, hovering her desperately fertile pussy just inches above her husband's drooling member.

    "Go on," she mouthed to Lisa. But her friend kneeled above him, transfixed, unsure. No doubt the heat of his bare cock was already searing between her loins, reminding her of how real this all was now. The bells about her emerald garter belt barely tinkled with the quiver of her hips, and the bell on her cute green cap sounded with the unsure shake of her head.

    A little more encouragement was needed for Santa's little helper, Kelly reasoned.

    The scrape of Kelly's red-painted nails up Lisa's stocking-clad thighs brought out a jolt from the woman. Before she could turn to look though, her friend's moist fingers were already playing across her slit. The only thing between Lisa and the virile cock beneath was the festive green of her delicate thong. And very gently, Kelly hooked her chin over her friend's shoulder and slowly peeled aside the wet, velvety cloth from her friend's pink present.

    "Your little helper is ready, Santa..." Kelly cooed, and pulled Lisa down onto her husband's ready shaft. The naughty elf had to bite her lip to keep from yelping, but John was vocal enough for the both of them as his wife's friend clamped down with all her shock around his cockhead.

    "Oooh ho ho, you're really wet this year. And tight!"

    A blush dashed across Lisa's face, as well as the crests of her breasts. But gone were the doe-timid eyes and shifting gaze. Now her eyes screwed shut, an arch raised on her brow as her fingers grasped tight at her stockings at the huge intrusion. None of the sex with her own husband over the years had prepared her to take a package that big. Kelly licked her lips. The struggle on both of their faces was sweeter than sugarplums to her.

    "Santa's gonna fit... right up his helper's chimney..." Kelly didn't have to work hard to labor her breaths in lieu of her silent friend. One of her hands urged down Lisa's shoulders while the other snuck fast beneath the red of her own thong. The subtle schlicking of her own sex was obscured however by her husband's grunts as Lisa's tight twat slid down his thick pole.

    Then, a clap of flesh amid the jingle of Lisa's sleigh bells. Her ass settled at last on John's thighs while his member went snug into its warm bed inside her. John moaned loud and rutted up into the shocked woman astride him, just to bury in that last half an inch up against her ready cervix. Another clap of flesh, and another jingle of the bells.

    Kelly could have squealed with delight! Despite being filled with more cock than she'd ever had, Lisa managed to stay as silent as a mouse. Her mouth hung open and her neck craned back as luxurious pressure was fast turning to a smoldering pleasure. With a kiss on her cheek and a slap on her ass, Kelly gave her naughty pair the final bit of encouragement they needed to go on their way.

    "Santa... empty your sack all into your helper's stocking tonight!"

    John tossed his head with an eager growl, a half-caged beast in all but his hips. While Lisa still tried to adjust to the girth of the man who would breed her, John started his eager strokes. A flurry of strikes drove up into her, each knocking both balls and garish bow against her tender loins and rump. Each staccato of flesh slapping flesh came with the rattle of Lisa's innocent bells, marking each moment John plunged his bare cock right up to her hungry womb.

    It was a sight. Kelly felt numb, save for the hot cream spilling down over her pumping knuckles. Her own pussy twinged at the sight of her best friend's sex struggling to contain her monster of a husband. It dragged at every withdrawal, as if about to turn her fertile channel inside out, before her own hips slammed back to meet his own. Yes, he'd turned something on inside the shy housewife, something Kelly knew to the point of feeling the phantom impacts even inside her own belly as she watched her husband unwittingly cheat on her.

    That could have made her cum on the spot, but Lisa was already there. Arching back like an overstrung bow, she breathed in deep - a howl ready to explode from her overwhelmed body. Kelly lunged, a moment too late to catch all of her friend's yowling cry into the palm of her hand. The bells rattled on, shuddering along with Lisa's frantic rubbing up against John's finally-pinned hips.

    "God, so tight - and throaty. You sound so... different tonight."

    Kelly's heart leapt into her throat. Still Lisa was squirming, dancing like a sugarplum on her husband's buried cock. Even with her knuckles white from holding back her dying moans, she had to give her husband something. Something to distract him. When finally Lisa settled back to a half-stunned silence, Kelly dared to speak.

    "Mmmm... yeah..." she tried to imitate her friend's sonorous tone, a falsetto punctuated by the sudden click of Lisa's bra coming undone. "Sorry. Santa's little helper is getting put on the naughty list for sure tonight... Maybe these will put us back on the good girl list?"

    Lisa dipped forward, her heavy breasts coming to press snugly against John's unaware face. The woman, still dazed from her own sudden climax, stared back wide-eyed at her best friend. But Kelly persisted, pressing between her shoulders all the more to smother John's doubts with her big, snowy globes. And for the moment at least, all that came from John was a surprised and heavily-muffled moan.

    "Keep going," she mouthed at Lisa. She didn't have to look back to know from the gentle jingle that she'd gotten back to her one-stud sleigh ride. But she did anyway. The woman's sumptuous ass rose and fell, a steady but quickening pace. Silent in that steamy night, her married hole made a subtle schlicking with each pass down John's southernmost pole. No doubt remained that her married twat had stretched three sizes more this day!

    But Lisa gripped the sheets again, another throaty moan barely suppressed by the bite of her lips. John had her tit in his mouth, tonguing and lapping across her sensitive nipple before popping it whole past his lips. Then, a suckling the kind which could make Kelly cum all by itself. Lisa, whose pussy already smucked lewdly about John's extramarital meat, didn't stand a chance.

    "Ahhh, you're cumming so hard honey," John groaned from about her breast. Lisa's overtight pussy squeezed on him like a vice, rippling as the woman's hips jingled once again a maddening timbre from her uncontrollable spasms. But however tight her chimney became, John still stuffed his whole impossible girth into her right to her blazing, fertile hearth within.

    But John's brow furrowed. His lips clasped about Lisa's other breast, slathering it with his tongue before latching on with his thirsty lips. The woman quivered, oblivious to anything but the sensation of feeding her own hungry mouths. But John had noticed something.

    "Hmm? Our little guy must have been thirsty tonight..."

    Again, Kelly's heart nearly leapt from her chest. Lisa's build may have been just like hers, from her frame and weight all the way to her sumptuous tits, but there was one thing the dazed housewife lacked: A newborn baby. Quickly the naughty Mrs. Claus pulled Lisa back off her husband's face, a string of saliva stretching far from her reddened tip before snapping across her heaving chest.

    "Mm-mm, I've always got more milk for Santa!" Kelly replied close to Lisa's starry-eyed face. As she spoke for her naughty little helper, she peeled down her white and red bra and caressed her own swollen mountains. And with a quick squeeze she sent twin sprays of her fresh, warm milk across her husband's bare chest. Lisa stared at that delicious white spattering, longingly gripping her own yet-unfilled tits. Kelly had to bite her lip hearing the jingling from her friend's fertile hips renew again with even greater urgency.

     "Yesss," Kelly stroked herself along with those cheerful tinkles, faster and faster now that Lisa's sleigh ride was reaching its peak. "Now spray your frosting all up inside this hot cookie. This horny oven needs it all to make me a fresh batch!"

    As she spoke her other hand, dripping with her own cream, rubbed along Lisa's flat tummy. Hard shocks rippled through her with every falling stroke she made, but all the more when John answered the baker's calling. Planting his heels into the bed, he hammered up into Lisa like a piston. Wailing out again with a lusty mewl, Lisa threw her head back and gripped John's chest and yielded to his bucking assault just to hold on!

    "Yes! God, pound that pussy! Fill it up with your Christmas cheer!" Kelly wailed, the shocks of orgasm already jolting through her own core. Lisa's breathed labored, her belly stretching with the shaft of Kelly's husband, and soon to round with his newest baby. The bells about Lisa's garter belt shuddered out their tinkling approval, jingling faster now as her sleighride neared its climax. 

    John groaned even louder as his actual wife grasped his balls. A weeks worth of cum roiled around inside them - Kelly had made sure of that. And now all that virile spunk was eager to get out, to launch right into the warm, wet pussy now so eagerly seizing about him. A gentle squeeze and tug was all it took to bring out John's own desperate growl, and for his dick to spasm and jerk inside Lisa tight hole.

    The cheating pair connected hard, again and again, sounding like a mad tambourine between the harsh spanks of Lisa's ass and the desperate tink-tinkling of her elfish outfit. No longer did she need Kelly's encouragements. Her own eyes had screwed shut, head lifting back so fast that her elfish cap fell by the wayside. Her whole being focused on the ride, on the heat building up in her like a fireplace about to receive the whole of John's big, loaded chestnuts.

    "Oohh, you're definitely on my naughty list!" John howled out, "And now to stuff your stocking full this year!"

    One last thrust drove home into Lisa, and by instinct the woman brought herself down at just the same moment. Santa had come to town. Kelly slapped her hand over Lisa's mouth the moment her husband began to cum. Her best friend wailed into Kelly's palm and arched back into Kelly the sensation of a week's worth of cum blasting up into her needy twat. Kelly came too, her own cream drooling down the back of her best friend's thigh. 

    But a different need possessed her. She had to feel it. Kelly ripped her hand from her own spasming pussy and slapped it across her friend's stomach. Lower down, right above her pelvis and beneath her fingers, she felt her own husband's dick throbbing inside her best friend. Each jet of pent-up jizz inside her thudded like the prancing of reindeer hooves, turning her jiggling womb into a bowl full of babymaking jelly.

    It took some time before the jing-jingle of bells finally came to a rest. Once again, save for the heavy breathing of the mated pair and Kelly's supressed squeals of joy, it was a silent night. It took a nudge and a giddy kiss on the cheek to rouse Lisa from her orgasmic stupor. When she lifted, oh so reluctantly from the most magnificent cock she'd ever experienced, her pussylips frothed thicker than eggnog.

    Leaving John panting and recovering in his own Christmas bliss, the two naughty girls scampered off into the hall to the sound of Lisa's sleigh bells. and out of earshot of their satisfied Santa stud.

    "Oh... oh... there's so much!" Lisa panted, one hand clutching at her naked breast and the other cupping between her thighs.

    "Mhmm, and there'll be a lot more where that came from."

    "Don't you mean if it doesn't work?"

    "If? There is no if with John," Kelly smiled a most impish smile. A quick kiss on her friend's still-blushing cheek and a little wink brought her once hesitant friend to smile herself.

    "Now!" Kelly put her friend's green cap back on and straightened her own red hat, "You've been having all the fun so far, but Mrs. Claus has got a ride of her own to enjoy!"

    Lisa couldn't get another word in edgewise - Kelly was shooing her away with all the urgency of a wife having spent the last half an hour watching another play with her presents! A quick nod in thanks and Lisa was off to the bathroom, no doubt to clothe herself and return to her actual husband, but not before ensuring every drop of cum went right where it belonged.

    Kelly sauntered back to the bedroom, stripping off her thong along the way. Never before had she felt as sexy as she did now. She just studded her husband out and watched him inseminate her friend. Already she was imagining Lisa filling out like she did, and for not the last time either. When her knees fell on the bed and she snuggled up close to her still-blindfolded husband, she nuzzled up against his neck.

    "Mmmm, miss your little helper, honey?"

    "Oh yeah. It's cold without my Mrs. Claus here, baby." he chuckled back, rubbing his scruffy cheek against her forehead. Kelly giggled, taking his half-limp cock back in hand. It was easy to stroke, so covered in her friend's juices. It made the horny wife crave a warm glass of eggnog slushing gulp by gulp into her hungry belly.

    "Well I'll be warming you up again, Mr. Claus..." Kelly slunk down, kissing up the little droplets of milk she'd left across his chest until her lips clasped around his messy cock. The taste of their successful mating poured down her throat like a savory Christmas gravy.

    "Mmm... you're such a naughty girl, you know..." John moaned and leaned back into the pillows, sighing as his loyal wife slurped on his straightening candy cane.

    "Oh?" she said with a little pop of her lips, "Why's that?"

    "Because I wonder... why am I hearing my little helper's sleigh bells prancing down the hallway still?"

    The End

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    Derren Grathy Patreon Project | StRoller Mobster

    Thanks to the support of my generous Patrons on the Derren Grathy Patreon, I get to deliver to you all this breeding music video: StRoller Mobster! It's using Carpenter Brut's excellent track Roller Mobster, and is three and a half minutes of solid, quick-paced Synthwave breeding sexiness.

    If you like this, share it around and consider checking out my Patreon and my written works on Amazon and Smashwords. There's a lot more breeding erotica where this comes from!

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    Conquered by the Werewolf - A Halloween Short

    Thanks to my generous Patrons, I present to you all my latest naughty work where an evil vampire Countess and her daughters are overrun by a pack of feral werewolves. Their goal? To plant as many pups into the bellies of their dangerous captives as possible - and the haughty Countess is no

    It's quick, its bloody, and it's horrifyingly sexy! Enjoy your spooky night, and if you like the taste of this story you can find many more over on my Patreon.

    Conquered by the Werewolf - A Halloween Short

    A great wolven howl thundered through the keep of Darkmoon Castle, followed by the sharp crunch of claw on stone. The Countess flickered back into view mere inches away from the crumbling stonework of the tower keep, her fangs bared and violet eyes ablaze.

    “Foul mutt,” the vampire crooned, lapping up the flecks of blood that still clung to her sharp nails. Whether it was from the Alpha werewolf’s slashed and matted fur or from beneath the Countess’s own ruined gown wasn’t clear. All that was clear was that the Castle had fallen to the pack, yet its own refused to surrender the keep.

    The Alpha ripped back its bruised fist and shook off the dust of pulverized stone. He lowered his canine head towards his smaller foe. Despite the noblewoman hardly coming up to the creature’s furred chest, he eyed her like he would a rattlesnake. His deadly growl came among the peel of thunder above as the rainstorm began.

    “Tiring now, are we? Such a pathetic mongrel…” The Countess, straight-backed and proud, refused to cover the bareness of her belly or breast from the beast’s wild swings. Not even her broad bat-like wings would fold over the firm globes peaking out from her ruined clothing, and why should she? Her great, heaving tits shivered like melting butter yet refused to give but the slightest inch to gravity’s pull.

    The Countess narrowed her hateful gaze onto the beast’s bloodied muzzle. It was only the sound arising amid the triumphant howls in the courtyard below that drew her attention from him. They were the anguished cries of her many daughters falling to the bestial pack. Not a single one had been slain in the conquest, nor did they escape the wrath of the raiders. The werewolves of Darkmoon craved one thing more than the gutting of vampires, and her daughters were just now beginning to discover their price.

    Not to be devoured… but to be bred.

    It was only a moment of distraction, but it was enough. In the time it took the Countess’s eyes to train back onto her assailant, he was upon her. A snarl pierced the stormy night and a great hand-like paw slashed towards the aristocrat. Her wings twitched reflexively and the air shimmered.

    The beast’s claws rent the silken sheets of her bed behind her, but caught nothing else of the woman. The Countess appeared behind him. Another expert slice from her sharpened nails and the Alpha yowled. More of his blood flecked the paintings on the wall. But his snarl was one of frustration more than pain. Another great heave of his arms bit only into the stone pillar behind him. It was enough for the Countess to leap up past his stiffened tail and claw into his back.

    The Alpha’s tawny fur did not stop the undying royal from biting deep into his shoulder. She sought his jugular, to end this fight in one last blow and bathe in the blood of her mortal enemy. But her dagger-like fangs found only raw muscle and sinew. Without piercing her mark, the whole of her strength was but a mosquito’s to that of the great, raging beast.

    The monster pitched forward, flinging his would-be murderer high over his head and onto the bed. No sooner had the vampire crashed into the velvet-soft of her master bed than the bulk of the beast leapt upon her. Bloody claws sliced open the front of her gown from collar to groin, leaving its crimson mark between her breasts and down her belly. It matched the countless wounds already marring her flesh, and the many more that marked his.

    The beast snarled, the steam of its breath rising from its drooling jaw. He was a cage of pelt and muscle. The delicate leather of her wings flapped uselessly against his paws and her bared legs cringed back from the sway of his long, sweeping tail. But it was the heavy heat that suddenly struck her belly that would have stopped the beating of the Countess’s heart were it still to beat.

    There, redder than the freshest blood, the Alpha werewolf’s pulsing cock ground along her smooth belly. It was inhuman in both shape and size. The thick, knotted base dragged along the very crest of her trimmed mound while its tapered-tip pricked at her navel. A hot gush of precum spilled from it, pooling and overflowing from her navel in creamy rivulets down her flanks. It was enough to be a whole human’s load, yet naught but the barest runoff from the great white-furred testicles that nudged against her slippery entrance.

    “Cursed – brute!” she spat and aimed her sharpened fingernails at the beast’s throat. They missed, and in a flash both her wrists fell pinned beneath but a single one of his maulish paws high above her head. The other appraised his prize. Golden eyes followed the course of his furred hand, seizing her weightless tits at one moment then clawing into her luscious rump the next. How his massive member throbbed then, enough to send a rope of canine cum splattering high between her defiled breasts.

    Still the conquered Countess stared daggers at her assailant. She bared her fangs and hissed, a snake caught between the wolf’s mighty paws and his aching beasthood.

    “I’ll bathe in your blood, beast! Unhand me so you may die to-!”

    But it was the rest of her words that died in a single stroke. Snarling with absolute dominance, the werewolf’s leader thrust hard into the vampire’s blood-lubed hole. Whatever air was in the Countess’s lungs all escaped her with entirely. There would hardly be room for any more as the beast’s great dick impaled her.

    Aaaaarrrrghh!” she wailed, fangs gritting and hips jerking back. But the beast lunged again, and then again, burying inch after inch of its inhuman meat into her. Immortal as her body was, it would still not save her tight cunt from such savagery.

    Her inner walls were strong, like her beloved Castle’s had been. And now, just like it, her tight pink crumbled in the face of the beastman’s battering ram. Inch after crimson inch hammered into her pale hips, like stakes into the heart of her sex. Her defiant breasts shook and shivered, rippling with each heavy blow that ploughed the full moon of her ass into the bed.

    Thunder cracked overhead, obscuring the shameful wail of the Countess. Pain streaked through her, overwhelming and delicious. It was enough to make the undead sadist savor and drool, her saliva dripping from her exposed fangs. Nothing in her centuries of unlife had brought her so close to her limits – no, absolutely exceeded them. No mortal man could make the haughty aristocrat bite her own lip to keep from screaming out. No sorcerer could enthrall her to make her wings and toes curl so tightly. No vampiric suitor could make her thrill for her own life with every pump of his cock as if it were a wooden stake.

    But this beastly member did.

    The beastman grunted, his tongue lulling out to the side of his maw as his strokes sped up. Short, quick stabs that knocked out the resistance in her resisting pussy one ounce at a time. Undermining her defenses, driving deeper towards her womb. The Countess snarled, her voice beginning to tremble in rage and something more.

    “Bastard! – Knave! – Cur! I’ll flay your flesh! I’ll rip your – your – I’ll-!!”

    The Countess yowled in anguish, her back arching with the press of her wings. It was not resistance that raised her so, but orgasm. Powerful, unexpected ecstasy. The taste of blood lingered on her tongue as she cried out, the pain of her breeding to this great beast driving her body and mind to carnal madness.

    A growl overshadowed the Countess’s breathless wails. The Alpha’s hips staked her shuddering hips down again with the force of an avalanche. Claws seized about her ass and gripped tight, digging their claws into her pale flesh to punish the tremoring woman.

    The beast grunted, not even slowing down to let his vampiric bitch recover from it. He pumped on, aided by the juices her overstuffed pussy squirted out along his spearing shaft. It drove into her with a purpose beyond mere domination, but for the subjugation of her entire bloodline. To turn the stately Countess into his lowly bitch.

    Hate drove through her, and indignant rage. She had cum for the creature like some scullery slut, and still her treacherous body ached for more. More stretching, more bruising, more fucking. That primal hunger in her lusted for his blood and for his seed just as it had for all the sires of her daughters. Only now, this seed was not hers to claim but to take, against her will, against the order of the world.

    The cries of her daughters echoed up from the ancient stonework amid the driving storm. Thunder boomed and lightning peeled across the sky, and yet the Countess could hear her many girls succumbing to their wolven raiders. Her fine royal daughters, proud and beautiful, now reduced to nothing but wolfmen bitches. Bitches that would be put into heat and soiled with their seed.

    A rueful moan escaped her then, the sound of a woman doomed by her own lusts. Again the tickling need for satisfaction welled up inside her belly, inflated pump by pump by the relentless heaves of the savage beast. At the gates of her pussy its bulbous knot knocked, faster and harder the more her pussy fluttered. The cries of her daughters were sounding more and more like her own. Gasps. Squeals. Moans. The next orgasm washed over the Countess’s pale flesh as blood pours from a cloven heart, a heart broken by a single thought:

    Her daughters would not bear heirs, but pups.

    A thunderbolt boomed overhead, drowning the vampire Countess’s orgasmic wail. It was as if the bolt had struck her instead. Bucking blindly as the werewolf’s cock rammed into her overfilled twat, even her breasts jolted with uncontrolled spasms. The vampire suddenly found her claws digging into the beast’s hard chest. Rage had brought them up, but carnal desire kept them there.

    The Alpha snarled back and slammed deep. The bed legs shattered and the Countess screamed. That thick knot that threatened to ruin her entirely plunged deep into her with all the rage and lust the horny creature had. The fist-sized orb entered with a sickening pop, destroying the tightness of her eternal pussy in a single motion.

    Yet the horny creature kept fucking. No longer strokes but rutting tugs, stretching out the new, perfect seal of the vampire’s reddened cunt lips. Deep inside her fertile belly, the tip spurted ropes of precum as if water from a gargoyle’s spout. None of it escaped, but sloshed along her inner walls with the rhythm of their mating.

    The sloppy din filled the Countess’s ears, her addled mind, her very damned soul. Still the beast fucked her, relentless. Pride forced her nails to rake down his furry chest, and she felt his pain careen back into her from the savage blows he delivered against her vampiric womb. Blinding, delicious pain. Another climax was nearly upon her. The last had not even settled out in her trembling, cock-bulged belly and yet it was coming. She was cumming for a dirty, lowborn beast – again!

    “Ragghhh!! Damn you!”

    She shrieked and lunged. Her fangs but brushed by the beast’s exposed throat, drawing the barest trickle of fresh blood before the tide of pleasure swept her away. Lightning lit the arching of her back, the curl of her wings, and the beast’s jaws clamping down around her dainty neck. The rake of his drooling tongue along her collar bone and throat made her eyes roll back into her skull. One bite and he’d end her life, stake or not.

    The thrill of morality made her pussy grip for life itself. Milking, suckling, straining for this dangerous beast’s cum harder than she could have for even the sweetest blood. No man had ever taken her to these heights, these debaucheries – and no man living or dead could! Not even blood could fill her with the rage, the disgust, the very savor of life that the werewolf’s did with every stroke. Beyond the crimson thirst a new hunger rose, a hunger that only this inhuman beast could fulfill.

    “Yes!” The Countess wrapped her legs tight about her Alpha’s pumping hips. “Yesss, break me – ruin me and my daughters, you wretched brute! SATISFY ME!!”

    The squeeze of her thighs and the rake of her nails set off the hulking monster. The wolfman threw back his head and howled a howl that echoed across the valley. Claws seized the Countess’s shuddering hips as the first volley of canine spunk erupted from his tip. Its great bulge up to her navel throbbed with all the backlash of a cannonade. They were not ropes but waves that slammed against her cervix in steaming, virile torrents. Hot and thick, every ejaculation splattered hard into the Countess’s unprotected womb.

    He wouldn’t stop cumming either. His great furry balls jerked against her drooling pussy lips at every pulse, and every jerk came in time with the Countess’s own earth-rending climax. Her ruined pussy milked like a velvet vice from base to tip, tighter than any mortal hand could grip, guiding every blast of semen directly into her quickly filling womb. And her belly grew, tight and round like an overfilled waterskin, from all the beastly cum pumping into her with nowhere to escape to.

    Words failed the enraptured mistress of the Castle. Like her fortress and the purity of her vampiric bloodline, she was lost. Lost like her daughters below in the embrace of her lupine conqueror. Her wings seized about his shoulders as her legs spurred about his waist, refusing to risk the creature letting go even as his veiny fist-like knot bulged inescapably inside her.

    The storm rumbled on above the keep’s tower. How many minutes passed like that, neither woman nor beast knew. The Countess mewled and squirmed in orgasm at every sudden rut and pull of the hound, and every ripple of her cunt summoned another bucketful of creamy spunk to fire off into her now gravid belly. It was endless, even to the Countess’s centuries of life. And she never wanted her bestial insemination to end.

    Still, at long last, the beast became still. His warm fur caged around his petite mate’s naked form, a body that shivered in mind-melting satisfaction. The Countess licked the wounds on the creature’s chest and savored the bitter blood of her hated foe. Hated still, and yet her tongue was tender in tracing her fresh marks upon him. He breathed deep, his cock’s twitching making the cum inside her belly slosh and shiver like jelly. Her hands fell to it, and marveled.

    Already she looked pregnant. Three, four months along, and yet not even an hour had passed since the monster had made her so. Yes, the Countess sighed, she had borne enough daughters to know exactly when her womb had been seized by a male’s seed. Pierced by one of the trillions of eager dogs he’d unleashed into her belly, her noble vampiric egg was now settling along her womb’s walls. Growing into her next child. His pup.

    Beneath the keep’s tower the debauched cacophony of mating continued. In places it wrapping up with the satisfied squeals of her daughters receiving their own firstborns, and in others the mating was only just beginning. Or beginning anew to seal their fates as the pack’s breeding bitches.

    The Countess was no exception.

    The Alpha stirred, his knot loosening enough to let his cock slide freely from the ravaged woman. The vampire gasped and moaned when the deluge of their mixed juices gushed from her gaping hole as if from a tapped keg. The Alpha sniffed her chest and licked her sweaty breasts, the savor of a vampire’s wounds no doubt invigorating more than just his pride. Then his great member slapped down onto her raised belly, smearing her with his slimy mark. His low howl signaled his triumph to all of his pack below, and they howled back in earnest.

    “My… you prideful thing…” The Countess sighed and stroked her quickly deflating belly. But her rest was not to last. Overhead the full moon was only just beginning to rise, the night was still young, and the beastman’s cock still hard.

    This time though, it was the Countess who raised her hips and guided the tip of his stabbing member towards her overflowing hole. He thrust back in with a sickly squelch, and the both of them groaned. They needed this. Needed more. Needed to breed.

    “Besides… One just isn’t enough…” the Countess managed amid her shuddering breaths as the beast began to bear down into her conquered pussy once again that night. The noblewoman’s long pale arms clung fast about his neck and allowed her to whisper into his pointed ear with a devilish grin.

    “You, brute, have a whole litter left to give me!”

    The End

      via Impregnation Erotica

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