Kinda fucked up how cis women are allowed to abandon feminity in the name of feminism but trans women are forced to adopt it just to be recognized as women


    even worse is when cis feminists accuse trans women who overperform femininity for safety of being tools of the patriarchy, and trans women who underperform femininity for ANY reason (including abandoning it in the name of feminism) fakers.

    When Benedictine monks in Louisiana started selling affordable handmade caskets, the state’s board of funeral directors told them to stop since they weren’t licensed. The monks sued, and won. A judge ruled that the licensing regulations didn’t have a legitimate purpose.

    Virgin State government vs Chad Catholic Cajuns

    I think there’s also an order of Trappist Monks that make caskets as well.

    Also, as a “death positive” person

    - “airtight” or caskets that claim to keep out 02 or oxygen in order to preserve the body are lying. You’ll pay thousands of dollars extra for no reason. Don’t do it

    - If your funeral home is charging you up the ass, ask for an itemized list of expenses and force them to be transparent. Funeral homes are notorious for over charging

    - you don’t have to buy a casket for cremation. They burn it with the body any way. Just use cardboard

    - It’s not a requirement to get embalmed! Funeral directors try to encourage this to drive up costs. States might have a limit on how long a body can go without embalment before burial so educate yourself on state laws, but it’s not always required and it’s greener if you don’t! Embalming chemicals are toxic and seep into the environment

    - green burials are an option

    - You can do a home funeral if you want

    - Dont rush the death process. Spend as much time as you can with your loved ones body before releasing it to a funeral home. Allow yourself the time to process and grieve. Allow time for “ritual” like storytelling, prayer, washing the body, doing your loved ones make up or other significant or cultural activities

    - Preparing before your death, or the death of a loved one before their in hospice or at end of life makes the process so much easier. Plan the funeral and arrangements as soon as possible so you are stressing when death comes and you can grieve rather than have to worry about logistics.

    - “anticipatory grief” is very real. You will begin going through the stages of grief as your loved one nears death. This is normal.

    I’m so confused why he would think cookie dough would give him salmonella??? What parent told him this. There’s no chicken in there!

    Two words: Raw eggs.

    ?? What kind of world do you live in where Raw eggs carry salmonella or are in anyway unsafe

    Don’t ask me, ask them Americans. I’m an Asian just passing the word on

    *deep breath* Though the risk is small, raw eggs can carry samonella.

    MORE THREATENINGLY Raw wheat can carry E. Coli. However, if you don’t mind making your own cookie dough, you can easily make it safely.

    Take your standard recipe. Omit the eggs. Eggs serve as a binding agent to hold the cookie together. Since we’re eating the dough raw, that’s not needed. Take the flour, put it in a pan and bake it at 350 for 7 minutes. Any E. Coli is now dead.

    Just mix the rest of the ingredients together as the recipe is called for and BAM, perfectly safe edible cookie dough.


    Thank u so fucking much for this wisdom

    wait you’re telling my i can get E, Coli just FROM EATING FLOUR straight from the bag???

    Why..why are you eating flour straight from the bag?