Making a MESS

    You’re gifted with a chance..a choice! You can have WORLD shattering orgasms, MORE intense than anything you’ve ever felt before. Not only that, after the orgasm fades, you’ve put on EASILY 10lbs of muscle and nearly a third of an inch of cock..but..there’s a catch.

    ANYTIME You cum. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been jacking, doesn’t matter how recently you came. You make a fucking mess. I mean…GOOD LUCK dealing with it all. It FEELS INCREDIBLE as the torrent of cum erupts! But it’s a fucking cum typhoon. You spurt cum for close to 20 minutes, each time your gaping piss slit opens it gushes forth DOZENS of gallons of cum. HUGE ropes that spray to the ceiling, the PUSH UP through the ceiling!

    Muscles TENSING you’re gonna end up with a RIPPED up 8pack as your hips THRUST so damned hard! The FORCE of it will push you back onto your ass if you’re not bracing yourself.

    “I’ll just always cum in the shower!” you answer. I know what you’re thinking! and no. That’s not gonna cut it. that big fuckstick is GROWING with each eruption, and spurts so fucking HARD it’s like one man trying to hold a firehose, and you will FILL the tub with hot, thick cum that’ll instantly clog the drains. That’d be a conversation for a plumber eh?

    SO…would you take that offer? I mean..god help you if you DO take it..then have a wet dream at some point because you’re gonna wake up WET.