Size is not the ONLY thing that matters, but if you’ve been told that it doesn’t matter at all, then you’ve been lied to (women do that sometimes to make you feel better about yourself). It doesn’t help though. You need to know that you’re too small to truly please your wife.

There IS a difference when someone with a lot going on between his legs slides into a woman. The thickness in particular feels good, but it’s delightful when he can reach certain depths too. You can’t do that, can you? You can’t reach that deep. You’re not all that thick. You’re just kind of underwhelming.

You probably know all of this. You’ve probably known it all your life. You probably also know that you should be a cuckold. You know that she loves you and that you love her. You know that you’re very good at using your tongue to please her. Why not let her find another man to provide your wife with the other pleasures she seeks?

Cuckolding can set you free. It can make you a happier man. It can free you from the stresses of performing sexually for her. Let someone else do that. Accept your place as her small-dicked cuckold husband who will eagerly clean her when she’s been with another man. Doesn’t that sound better?

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