The Frat House Transformation Hunt “Dont Move”

The only option I wrote after the last chapter was “Don't Move”. This lead to 3 options, which i will write here:

t You decide you don't want to escape. Maybe you are too attracted to these alpha jocks, maybe you want to be a item. That's fine for the jocks, they love it when the bitches don't run. Jason looks you up and down, observing your nervous body before deciding who gets to claim you. "Hmmm...little dude too scared to run huh? Maybe you just know your place, that's a good little object! Now who gets to put you where you were born to be...hmmm little broski...? How About-" Who does Jason decide you belong to?


Jason decides you will be his first victim. He walks up to you, and smiles softly to you, before pushing you down to to the ground and pressing his foot onto your stomach, shooting you right away with his golden tf gun, the gold being a symbol of him being the leader. "You are my little foot broski now, dude, enjoy it, i don't clean this stinking dog often but hey, you should be honored to become property of the alpha frat bro, dude!" You hear the Jocks laugh loudly as you wrap across his foots sole and heel, feeling the word adidas burn into your sides and then your arms and legs wrapping over it, melding together, until the Frat Leader has a quality new slide to enjoy stomping around in. Jason taps his toes over your new face, digging his heel in, letting the sweat and musk envelop you as he walks to find more living property to claim. Every step brings you further in submission and by the end of the hunt, you are just a slide.

You are Jason's stinky right slide...forever THE END


Drew, wearing nothing but a cap happily walks over to you and grabs you in for a bro hug "Ah yeah, c'mere little dude, you're all mine now!" You try to struggle but the cheery jock has you pinned as he holds his TF gun to your head and fires it at you before letting go. You feel dizzy and lightheaded as the jocks howl with excitement. "Don't worry, dude, you better off like this anyway! I just hope you don't wear out..." You feel your body go limp and flop to the floor. You can see your new owner towering over you and want to flee, but you cant. You have no legs, you are just red fabric now. Drew grabs your body and pulls his legs through you, rubbing his ball sweat all over your new face as he lets a protein fart rip through you. He rubs his musky balls through you again with a laugh, letting it seep into your body, forcing you to taste it, as your owner walks off to continue the hunt.

The Frat House Transformation Hunt You belong to Drew, as his musky red shorts, forever... THE END


 Sam walks up to you, looking down at your body, as he wiggles his dirty toes. He forces you to kneel with his arms pushing down on you, and shoves his stinking foot in your face, jamming his big toe in your nostrils. You can see his dick hardening "Awww look at that, the little fucker isn't even fighting back!" He says in a mocking down as he aims his TF gun at you "I know you will feel great, and when I'm working out this awesome bod, knowing I'm stinking your gay insole ass up will be extra motivation dude!" He fires his gun at you, and you turn blue before shrinking and wrapping around his stinking foot. He laces you up tight, pulling your former arms together to bind you top his stinking god foot. He stomps in you a few times, and satisfied with your comfort, leaves to the hall to find a matching shoe and some socks. You feel his every smell and taste with every step. He still mocks you from time to time.

You are Sam's blue sneaker...forever THE END