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    Bad Girl

    When I walked in on her , she didn’t even flinch, she didn’t act surprised, she just locked eyes with me and smiled while pleasuring herself completely naked on the couch.

    Should I yell? Should I leave? I wasn’t sure what to do, but when she bit her lip and moaned and spoke I did that absolute last thing I should have done.

    “Hi Daddy.” she she purred as her hands rubbed her little shaved cunt.

    “What are you doing Daisy?” i asked her.

    “Nothing Daddy.” she answered as her eyes closed and her eyebrows squeezed tightly on her face as she gasped at her own touch and then opened her eyes and bit her lip.

    I walked closer and sat in the chair opposite of her.

    “Do you mind if Daddy watches you do nothing?” I asked.

    “You’re already watching Daddy…” she said.

    I nodded and rubbed my hand over the growing bulge in my pants as I watched her hot little body, displayed for my viewing pleasure, and listened to the sound of her finger as it slipped into her wet cunt.

    “Mmmm , Daddy is listening too. It sounds nice and wet down there. “ i said.

    “So wet.” she moaned as she began to pump two fingers in and out of her quickly, allowing the wet sounds to fill the room.  

    “Extremely wet.” I said, rubbing myself through my pants watching her as her legs fell further apart and she began to fuck herself with her fingers in front of me.  

    “Do you like watching me Daddy?” she asked me with a smirk.

    I grinned back, and all thoughts of how wrong this was were forgotten when the next filthy words left her mouth.

    “Do you like watching me stuff my fingers inside of my tight  , soaking wet, teen pussy Daddy?” she asked as she shoved her fingers deep inside her. “I do it all the time Daddy, and I pretend it’s your cock fucking me.” she said, my hands unzipping , unbuckling my pants and pulling my cock out. I watched her eyes widen, and her smile as she saw how hard I was for her.  I rubbed my aching cock in front of her as I nodded to the filthy words coming from her mouth.

    “Your cock looks so good Daddy. It’s so hard” she said squirming as her fingers still fucked her cunt, and her other hand rubbed her clit.  “Mmmmmm daddy, it’s so big, do you think it’d fit inside me Daddy? I’m so tight. Do you wanna feel how to tight your little girl is Daddy? Do you want me to soak your cock with my wet little pussy?” she asked, moaning as she spoke. I stood up, stepping out of my pants and walked over to her on he couch.

    “You’re a bad bad girl, you know that?” I asked reaching down holding her face under her chin, my thumb rubbing over her wet mouth, tracing her lips.

    “Mmmhmmm” she moaned as she took my thumb into her mouth and sucked it.

    “Put it in my mouth Daddy.” she moaned with my thumb still in her mouth , her tongue running up it. I removed my thumb from her  mouth and stroked my cock near her face.

    “Mmmm daddy, let me taste your cock. “  her mouth opened and I slipped my cock into her perfect, hot little mouth, both of us moaning.

    I looked down as I watched her mouth start to suck me as if she’d been waiting for this moment forever. Her one hand leaving her cunt, her fingers soaked from fucking herself, grabbed my cock and stroked me as her mouth followed it up and down the length of my cock.

    “Fuckkk” I groaned and grabbed the back of her head.

    She stopped sucking and looked up at me as she stroked my cock quickly, her thumb rolling over the head of my cock. Her little tits jiggling as she stroked me faster.

    “Mmmm I love putting my messy pussy covered fingers on your cock and tasting myself on my daddys dick.” she said with a grin and bit her lip.

    I don’t know where she learned to talk like that, but I’m glad she did because she as driving me absolutely insane with her nasty little mouth.

    “Put Daddy’s cock back in that filthy little mouth of yours.” I told her.

    I watched her as she sucked, she moaned, she slobbered, she choked, she gagged on my cock. Her saliva dribbling down her chin as she couldn’t get enough of my cock in her mouth. Her hand rubbing her clit still.

    I leaned over and moved her hand and began to rub her myself as she sucked me off. I almost came in her mouth when I felt how soft her freshly shaven cunt was, how wet she was when I let my finger slip inside of her, causing her to moan louder with my cock inside her.

    “Mmm Daddys little girl is so fucking wet, mmm what a tight  little hole.” I said fucking her with my finger. I took my cock from her mouth, to allow more of her nasty talking. I kneeled on the couch between her legs as I began to fuck her harder with two fingers, watching her pussy swallow my fingers, and leave them soaking wet, her hungry little cunt dripping as she squirmed.

    “Mmmmm you like that baby? You like Daddy’s fingers inside of you?” I asked as I curled them inside her and pumped them harder, barely pulling them out, driving them deeper and deeper. She screamed. It only made me fuck her little cunt harder with my fingers, I leaned down and put my mouth over her clit and sucked it , tonguing it, her hips bucking wildly, as I pleased her with my mouth, my finger searching deep inside of her.

    Her hands reaches up behind her head, grabbing the arm rest on the couch, pulling hard, as she tried to hump my mouth, rolling her hips into my tongue and fingers.

    “Daddy!” she screamed. “fuck me Daddy!”

    I couldn’t hold back any longer, my cock was harder than it’d ever been, and having her scream for it, well, she deserved it he way she’d sucked my cock, the way she touched herself for me, the way her eyes were looking up at me right then begging for it.

    I leaned up and removed my shirt , throwing it to the side. Watching her hips roll upwards, her pussy begging to be touched, to be filled by me. I couldnt get inside of her fast enough.

    “Put that big fucking dick inside me.” she said rubbing herself for me, she spanked her clit, and the sound of her hand smacking it was one of the hottest things I’d ever heard. “Fuck this naughty little pussy Daddy!” she said as I held my cock in my hand and leaned over her, rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit.

    She reached up and put her arms around me pulling me down on top of her. I sunk my cock into her slowly, listening to the actual hottest thing I’d ever heard, the sound of my little girl moaning as I filled her tight little cunt with my cock for the first time. Her moan was loud, a high pitched exhale of air escaping her lungs, I put my mouth to hers as I drew myself back out and then plunged back inside, the same moan filling my mouth, our mouths breaking apart slightly.

    Neither of us could speak, the dirty talk had stopped, other than either of us cursing, and the only thing either of us was concentrating on was the feeling of fucking for the first time.  Her concentrating on the way my cock felt, stretching her open, all the times she’d imagined it, and she’d never imagined it would feel this way.  And me, feeling the soft, tight velvet walls of my little girls cunt for the first time, my naughty little girls pussy squeezing tightly , as it sucked my cock inside of it.

    I fucked her hard. I fucked her fast. I fucked her like the little whore she was. Daddy’s little whore. Mine.

    After her tight cunt was used to my thick cock she began to speak again.

    “It feels so fucking good daddy, give it to me daddy, harder, fill your little girls pussy with that big fucking cock, hurt me daddy, harder, hurt my little..OOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK!” and she shut up again as I slammed my cock deep inside her, harder, and made her forget again how to talk dirty, I slammed her over and over, practically fucking her right off the couch. We both slid onto the floor when i drove myself into her harder, lifting her legs over my shoulders and grabbing her waist as i destroyed her watching her tiny little tits bounce on her chest.

    “Mmm daddy’s little gir. likes being fucked hard, like a little whore doesnt she?” i growled.

    Her hands were flat on the floor and digging into the soft carpet, her back arched as she laid there getting fucked. She nodded.

    “Oh yes daddyyyy.” she replied and I stopped, moved her legs from my shoulder to my sides, still kneeling, pulling her up, onto my lap, my arm wrapped around the small of her back, her arms around my neck. She bounced herself on my cock. Her feet on the ground, her arms tightening around my neck everytime she lifted her cunt up, to slam it back down on my cock.

    I grabbed her, and quickly pushed her onto her hands and knees and drove my cock back inside of her. Fucking her wildly, growling like an animal as my cock worked to reach deeper and deeper inside of her. Her tight little body rocking back and forth , her tiny ass jiggling as my hips smacked into it.

    “yes daddy! yes! “ she moaned loudly as she bent all the way over with her face down on the floor her hands. “Fuck my pussy Daddy, mmmpff you feel so good inside me. Your cock goes so deep Daddy.” she whimpered and i gripped her hips, violently fucking her cunt, that was still dripping, all over my cock.  

    “I don’t know how much longer I can go baby. Your tight little pussy is gonna make me cum.” I said as I slowed down and panted, trying to hold out.

    “I don’t care! Don’t stop!” she yelped and her ass threw itself back, her pussy working its self on my dick. . Her hands on the carpet, helping push her back onto my cock over and over, I listened to the sound of her pussy gush as she continued to fuck me and beg for me to keep going.

    “fuck me!” she yelled. “oh god daddy! Please!” she moaned. Her ass moving back and forth, my hands caressing her ass, slapping it.  Again and again.

    “Mmm yes, spank me daddy, spank me then fuck me, punish me daddy!” she begged as I simply stayed still my hands on her hips and they moved forward and back, watching her work my cock like a professional slut.

    “Daddy! Give it to me!” she cried out. “Please!”

    I grabbed her by her elbows, yanking her up, and began to fuck her, drilling my cock into her over and over as her tiny body shook and I groaned as she began to scream again, moaning as I gave her what she needed.

    “Make me cum all over that big fucking dick daddy!” she begged.

    I groaned as I kept fucking her my mouth on her neck, biting her flesh and licking up to her ear.  “Don’t cum. You’ll make Daddy cum.”

    She whined, and whimpered and turned her head towards mine, our mouths meeting, our tongue lashing out into each others mouths, passionately as I held her, my one hand slipping around her torso, the other grabbing her small perky breasts, i pinched her nipples, pulling them. She moaned loudly into my mouth and broke her mouth away.

    “Let me cum.” she panted. “I want to cum on your dick daddy.” She whimpered her eyes begging for it.

    “If you cum on my dick, I’m going to end up cumming inside of you.” I told her.

    “I know Daddy.” she moaned.

    “You want…” I started to question her.

    She nodded and interrupted me. “I want you to cum inside my pussy daddy…deep inside..”

    I began to thrust faster as I listened to her speak the words, her telling me she wanted my cum inside of her. The whole time being inside of her, fucking her, fignering her, having her mouth on my cock, I didnt think of how wrong it was. and I didnt think about it now either as I began to fuck my little girl, wanting her to cum for me, wanting to cum inside of her.

    “Cum for Daddy baby.” I told her as I pushed her back down onto her hands, and grabbed her hair in my hand, wrapping it around my wrist, fucking her.

    I felt her cunt tighten, and I listened to her scream as she began to cum, her legs trembling, struggling to keep her up. I fucked her harder, my body lowering with hers as she collapsed flat onto the ground, her body trembling with an orgasm, I could feel her pussy spasm around my cock as I began to cum myself, my cum shooting inside of her. being sucked into her cunt, as her contracting walls milked my cock.

    I thrust into her hard, and let my cock continue to empty itself deep inside her, my instinct, making me bury my seed deep inside of her womb.

    I panted as i held myself up by my hands over her body, and slipped my cock out slowly and then collapsed on my back next to her on the floor, looking at her, our eyes locked as we both breathed heavily. She smiled and exhaled and curled up beside me and kissed my chest and up my neck, kissing my mouth , my hand reaching up behind her neck and  into her hair gripping it as I kissed her softly, our mouths pushing softly against one another, our lips wet, and our tongues lightly teasing one another.

    She stopped and looked at me grinning as she slid on top of me and grinded her wet cunt against my limp cock. I looked up at her, her tiny tits pressed together as her hands were placed on the middle of my chest, and her hips rocked.

    “what are you doing?” I laughed as I watched her bite her lip and give me the same grin she did when I caught her touching herself on the couch.

    “I want you to fill me Daddy” she said leaning down and kissing me again. “Were not done until my pussy is filled with every last drop of your cum, and you empty your balls into me. “