son, i think we both know why we’re here. i easily could have asked to stay at grandma’s house while we’re down here vacationing, but i rented this room because there’s some things that need to stay between a mother and her son.

    i love you and i want your first time to be special. you shouldn’t have to settle with some flat, zit covered little girl who has no idea how to make make her man cum. i’ll tell you this much: mom knows how to take a dick. and i’ve been wanting to take yours for some time now. don’t worry about a condom. whatever happens happens. just enjoy this moment


    Mommy, big sis is being mean. She doesn't let me on top, can you tell her to behave like a good girl? Like you when we're alone.

    i’m gonna bend her ovet my knee and smack her tight little ass until she learns to be good sister to you and your cock

    [Affectionate] [Shy Boy] [Breastfeeding] [Mommy] [Small Cock Appreciation] [Body Positivity] [Hair Stroking] [Femdom] [Nursing Handjobs] [Monster Boy] [Milking] [Lotsa Cum! I'm Talking A Bucketload] [Milk Maid] [Virgin Listener] [Pet Play, kinda?]

    This is one of the hottest audios I’ve ever heard...