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    It’s been election time in Ireland so all the politicians are about knocking on doors asking for votes

    One showed up on the doorstep of my boyfriend’s dad

    First mistake

    This is not a frail old man, this is a 6ft+ bald man covered in tattooes and leather who looks about 45

    Anyway, the next mistake was the politicion intruding himself and asking for the number one vote

    ScaryDadInLaw responds, “well of course sir, but only on one condition.”

    He waits, expecting something like potholes needing fixing, what is the condition?

    “tell me my name”

    This is a very small village area after all, but the politician laughed it off telling him he can’t know the name of all the constituents! “Why would I know yourself out of all of them?”

    So ScaryDadInLaw Points over the politician’s shoulder at a house across the main road, “because I’ve lived across from you for fucking years.”

    A very close resemblance to someone I Know..?
    Maybe @trainman_lou 🤔😜
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    Actually, NO.

    The @ symbol was/is used strictly for SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) during the development of ARPANET, the first implementation of what is now the Internet.

    The ARPANET "packet switched" network system was developed by Bolt, Beranak and Neumann. The protocols for ARPANET were developed by the University of California at Berkeley, including TELNET, FTP and SMTP.

    Prior to the ARPANET, electronic mail was distributed through UUCP/Usenet, which used batch transfer over a point-to-point topology using POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) with dial-up modems. Because of the point-to-point topology, each server in chain was specified that was in the path to final server for the recipient. The address is of the format: server1#server2#......#severN#recipient

    Ironically, the SMTP addressing, though ending in the largest domain is actually processed in the reverse order starting with ".com", ".net", etc..., then moving to the next domain, i.e. gmail, verizon, xfinity, etc... Many larger organizations will have several subdomains in the address. Only at the destination server is the recipient portion of the address scanned.


    It’s quite likely no coincidence that that most ‘mismanaged’ and least profitable social media site is also the one that turned out to be most amenable to the formation of actual communities


    To clarify, Tumblr is indeed horribly mismanaged, but notably, it’s mismanaged both in ways that harm us (e.g. doing little about pornbots, nazis, etc.) and ways that have greatly benefited us – not asking for real names, hiding our follower counts, a chronologically-sorted dashboard, etc. are big draws, but in the eyes of other social media monarchs, they look like unforgivable mistakes. If I don’t have to give my real name, that’s that much less information to sell to advertisers. If posts are listed chronologically, Tumblr can’t shove the posts of ‘influencers’ in front of me willy-nilly. Tumblr was a ‘success’ because it was too poorly managed to sufficiently atomize us, and so we actually had conversations and communities instead of being the best products for advertisers.


    “I’ll remember” is the ADHD demon talking. You won’t remember. Write it down.


    bold of you to assume i’ll remember where i wrote it, or even that i wrote it


    Visual exhaustion is another symptom of ADHD, which means that if we see something enough times (or we see enough instances of something), it fades into background noise and we fail to notice it. This is why a lot of ADHD people can stand living surrounded by mess/clutter, because it’s just visual background noise to us. We don’t even notice it anymore. So if we write something down and see the note stuck up somewhere a lot – or if we write a LOT of somethings down and have a lot of notes hanging around – then we’re even less likely to think of/remember the thing because it’s just part of the scenery now. ADHD is the Catch-22 of brains.


    A very good thing to know about ADHD. Don’t fall into the trap.

    A lot of folks in the comments are talking about writing on themselves or setting phone/calendar reminders. Your mileage may vary on those. You may also want to consider ways to set a habit of referring back to a planner or similar every day/hour.

    To get those brain juices flowing, check out this Buzzfeed article on different ways folks with ADHD stay on top of things.

    Readers, let us know if you have specific advice for this situation!


    This is why sticky note reminders don’t work??






    Always reblog “THAT’S WHAT THAT IS???” posts. Chances are someone hasn’t seen it that needs to.


    Yup, my apartment is a mess, but it's bearable,,, 😉 And "visual background noise" is certainly an appropriate description. Ironically, I do know the location of 95% of the items that constitutes the mess. Both in terms of when looking for a specific item that is in the mess, and when looking at the mess, what is there. I do have a goal of slowly eliminating the mess.

    As to insure that I don't miss meetings and appointments, which is hard enough for people who do not have ADHD, I use Business Calendar (BizCal) for Android.


    Wolves React To Gamekeeper Who Had Been Away On Maternity Leave




    I’m not a hundred percent positive but I’m pretty sure this is the wild life center where I visited wolves.

    And the safety briefing included the question “So if you’re pregnant, do you want to know or not?”

    Turns out there had been a bit of an awkward situation once where the keepers had casually mentioned a woman’s pregnancy in a group, and she herself didn’t even know yet. Turns out the wolves are excellent at telling if you’re pregnant and the keepers can tell based on their body language.  They get all odd and careful around pregnancy. (Even wolves knows that you have to take care of pregnant people.)

    So they definitely knew she was pregnant.

    And if I remember my BBC documentaries right, a wolf will leave the pack to give birth and introduce the cubs to the pack once she feels ready for it. And maternity leave is flexible but often around 6 months so they’re going “YOU WERE GONE FOREVER! WE WERE SO WORRIED! WHERE ARE THE CUBS?? WE HAVE TO GREET THE CUBS!!“ 

    Also the two on her back are fighting over who gets to greet her first. Giving and receiving attention is a commodity that goes by hierarchy and if you don’t accept that there will be scuffles.. The wolf lying down next to her isn’t chill about her coming back, it’s just submissive to the other wolves and waiting for it’s turn to show excitement.


    Now I can see why we domesticated these adorable jerks.


    Wolf packs have maternity leave?


    Wolves: better than American companies.