When you black but don't know what part of Africa you're from.



    and u gotta pay $ to find out :-(


    And it still might not be accurate




    And then you just invest it finding out and become happier instead of calling yourself black like white people want you to keep calling yourself... COLORS ARE FOR CRAYONS NOT RACE!  It is so worth the investment and investigation.

    African-American DISNEY ACTRESS Is Racially Profiled and Beaten by LA police


    Another case of police brutality against a popular African-American Disney actress - Rae’Ven Kelly, who starred in A Time to Kill, Vampire Slayer, and Hannah Montana.

    She was stopped by a transit cop who accused her of “jumping the train” and of not paying her fare. After Rae’Ven showed her receipts for her paid fare and the paid fare for her upcoming connecting train she was reportedly accosted and arrested. Cops threw her to the ground, handcuffed her and groped her inappropriately.  According to the reports, her phone was immediately confiscated after her attempt to videotape the incident.


    Her shoulder and wrist were injured while they put her in the sheriff’s car. The cops made offensive comments like “well, you know how these people are…” and called her “girl” all the way to the police station. In the station she was physically abused, denied feminine products and was forced to sit in her bloody and soiled clothes, ridiculed and roughed up.

    When they finally recognized her, they began calling her “Miss Kelly” and asked to sign the form saying she wasn’t harmed by any of the sheriffs, but she refused to sign.

    So they waited hours to release her so the swelling and bruises would fade away.

    Beasts and scum! No one was punished or even accused of the crime!

    You can read the story told by her own here.

    The media keep silent about the brutal incident!



    Outside of the Black community, there is no difference between saying "Nigga" and "Nigger"

    They are both offensive when used by non-blacks, including NBPOC.

    I don’t care if your black friend says you can use the term. Your friend is an ignorant coon.


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