The first man I fucked after figuring out I had an impregnation fetish was about 12 years older than me. I always loved fucking older men but he was special.

We started dating a few months after the guy who actively tried to impregnate me moved away. Still reeling from that experience, I craved being dominated and abused but didn’t know how to start finding a guy who could thrill me in the same way.

He was cute and we met on a dating app. He was pretty normal and quiet, had a nice apartment, and liked doing things for me. The first time I went home with him, we didn’t even fuck. The first time we made out, he was so gentle and tender that I felt a little bored.

We used condoms the first few times we had sex, up until the point he got a little tipsy and playfully threw me on the bed. I wasn’t wearing any panties so he slipped in easily, panting and moaning about how much he loved being bare inside me.

The sex was pretty good. His cock was fantastic and knew how to use it. He was quite the sexpot, despite his quiet demeanor. We rolled around for a bit, slowly stripping each other’s clothes off, before I ended up on top of him.

I rode him hard, feeling him swell, hearing his breath get ragged. We had never talked about birth control, and finally he nervously asked me where I wanted him to cum.

Of course, I told him the decision wasn’t up to me. I told him to cum wherever he wanted, but that I wasn’t on any protection.

His cock twitched hard inside of me, but his pace slowed. For just moment, I was sad. He was going to pull out and ask me to suck him off or something, I had ruined a chance of having a guy cum in me again. I missed that feeling so much.

But then suddenly pulled me off him, pushing me back down onto the bed. Putting my legs over his shoulders, he penetrated me again, so so so deep. He thrust hungrily into me, half muttering that he was going to cum inside of me. He kept repeating it, over and over again. He was completely taken over by the fact that he was going to plant his load inside of me. He came so hard, cock spasming inside me, him groaning hard with each spray of cum.

We fell asleep, and woke up together. I figured that the morning light and sobriety retaking him would flush any thought of cumming in my unprotected womb, but the moment he rolled me onto his cock, he told me he was going to cum inside me again.

And he did, pushing me onto my back, legs over his shoulders. Looking back on it, it was a prime breeding position. I still wonder if he thought about that.

He never asked me about plan b and we continued to fuck unprotected for the few weeks we dated.