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2021-09-22 08:28:16

    Blackmail Game

    Time to make a new blackmail game. I know you little sluts love the thought of this game. Some of you love to play too. Don’t be shy. You’ll keep wondering until you finally let go of your fear and try it already. If you truly want to do this, don’t let fear hold you back. Just know I would not play this with anyone other than myself, because I can’t guarantee your safety. But now on with the rules. One of us will roll the dice with each roll you will complete the task that the number rolled matches with. In the end you will roll for the amount of time, that is how long that you’ll be mine. That’s how long I’ll blackmail you. After that time period everything will be deleted. If you talk to me, we may be able to change some things that you may not be comfortable with.

    Roll 1: Information

    1.) Name

    2.) Age

    3.) Random facts about you

    4.) Snapchat

    5.) Most disgusting kink you have

    6.) All of the above

    Roll 2: Pictures

    1.) Fully Clothed Selfie

    2.) Selfie in bra/panties

    3.) Ass

    4.) Boobs

    5.) Close up pussy

    6.) All of the above

    Roll 3: Medium Information

    1.) Sexual Experience

    2.) Phone Number

    3.) City/Country

    4.) Secret you hide from everyone

    5.) Biggest insecurity

    6.) All of the above

    Roll 4: Medium Pictures

    1.) Full body nude (may hide face)

    2.) Tits with half face

    3.) Saved picture of yourself you’re scared to share

    4.) Body writing/pussy

    5.) Body writing/boobs

    6.) All of the above

    Roll 5: Hard Information

    1.) Address

    2.) All of your social media

    3.) Work Address

    4.) History

    5.) All of the Above

    6.) Every Information roll option so far

    Roll 6: Hard Pictures

    1.) 2 Full body Nudes with face

    2.) Every saved picture/nude of you in your phone

    3.) Nude of you while holding your ID

    4.) Toy inside your pussy and show face

    5.) All of the above

    6.) Every Picture roll option so far

    Roll 7: Tasks

    1.) Sex call

    2.) Send video of you playing with yourself

    3.) Public play

    4.) Anal video

    5.) All of the above

    6.) Complete every option from entire game

    Roll 8: Bonus (Your choice to do)

    1.) Skip roll 9, you’re mine until I say

    2.) Video as you go out and flash someone

    3.) Buy a sex toy of my choosing

    4.) Play in public until orgasm

    5.) You get one wish for what you want

    6.) Complete every option from entire game

    Roll 9: Time frame

    1.) 1 Day

    2.) 1 Week

    3.) 1 Month

    4.) 3 Months

    5.) 1 Year

    6.) Until I say

    Bonus rule if you dare. If you roll doubles you have to roll once more for that roll.

    Just a reminder, I would not recommend playing this with others unless you trust them immensely.