My Sore Bottom
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    “No! No it will not. An apology will not suffice here dear. What’s going to clear this up is when I am totally satisfied that this sound spanking compels you to start being more attentive to my directions. Steady yourself darling. I would say that my satisfaction is only at about 30 percent. There’s much more to come! “


    This reminds me of how I am spanked by my wife . In the kitchen, across her lap with my trousers down getting the hairbrush hard on my naughty bare bottom! Usually my underpants would be round my ankles though and often she uses a slipper. She has used a wooden spoon before but my bottom is too big for it to make much impression!


    All three of these ladies are going to take their turn with that hairbrush on his bare ass before this spanking lesson is finished


    Mummy often spanked me in front of her friend or my aunt. Once I got a spanking in front of both ladies who thoroughly approved! It was always so embarrassing to have your trousers taken down and your bare bottom spanked in front of other people! Both ladies did have the pleasure of reddening my bum on other occasions!


    Father only rarely spanked my sister. However once, when she was seventeen, and acting particularly bratty, he grabbed her and said “you’re too old for this but I’m going to do it anyway “. He then hauled her over his knee, pulled down her knickers and spanked her bare bottom very hard with his hand. When he let her up he scolded her severely while she stood there, knickers down, crying and rubbing her sore bum. Bratty behaviour swiftly abated!


    Awesome picture! Nothing like an angry husband.


    I love this picture, the shade of her bottom. and a guy that doesn’t look like he’s about to stop the spanking anytime soon!!!


    An old fashioned, over the knee, panties down, bare bottom spanking is just what many a modern Miss needs!(It wouldn’t need to be administered by a man. A strict mature lady could do the job just as well and, of course, naughty men would benefit from a spanked bottom too)!


    Source: Miss Marchmont


    Must be one of the most authentic caning clips


    This teacher really knows what she’s doing…




    An excellent caning session! Twelve on the bare bottom from the headmistress! She must have been as naughty as Karen Redbush! I would love to be punished like this by that teacher!


    “Right! Let’s get your trousers down young man!” said Aunt Clara! “You’ve had this coming for a long time!”. As she scolded Jo couldn’t stop looking down his aunt’s top at her gorgeous breasts! In spite of the threat of an imminent, very sore, bare bottom spanking his penis couldn’t help responding to the sight and slowly but surely became erect! How embarrassing! “Oh my goodness! You disgusting boy!” Screamed Aunt Clara. “I can’t believe this! Give me the kitchen towel. I don’t want you making a mess on my skirt and tights! And fetch my biggest wooden spoon! I’m going to spank that horrible thing away if it takes me two hours! You will not be sitting comfortably for a very long time young man! “ Poor Jo shuffled off to fetch towel and spoon with trousers and pants down round his ankles then his aunt took him over her lap and proceeded to give him the longest, sorest spanking he ever had, his erection disappearing fairly soon after the first few spanks. Later in his room on his own, thoughts of his aunt’s lovely boobs and the way he felt while over her lap with his bottom bared, reignited his erection and he played with it until he came in a massive , very satisfying climax! Perhaps the spanking was worth it after all!


    She only had to spank him once in front of his girlfriend for him to behave in front of all his girlfriends for years afterward.


    This reminds me of the spankings I received in front of my sister and cousin. Mother or auntie would put me over their knee take down my trousers and pants and spank my bare bottom while the girls looked on with glee! It was so embarrassing having them see me bare. However I often got to see them being punished with their knickers down and I have to say I rather enjoyed it!


    Dad spanked me at bedtime many a time just like this. Both embarrassing and thrilling as an older teen.


    This happened to me too when father took over spanking duties from mother in my teens! He used the strap on my bare bottom and spanked much harder than mummy! I had begun to almost enjoy going over mummy’s lap but father’s spankings were no fun at all!