Watch me overstuff my already MASSIVE gut with enough pasta to feed a family and top it all off with a bunch of sugary cake 🥵

    The next chapter of my feedee journey has FINALLY arrived and right off the bat I go WAY out of my comfort zone! 

    Devouring a massive mac & cheese drenched burger and washing it down with a s'mores shake that was the size of my HEAD all at a PUBLIC restaurant! 


    After months of capacity training, weeks of planning, days of setup, over $1,000 in supplies, 20 HOURS of filming and 14 HOURS of unrestricted gluttony the final act of the Trilogy of Gluttony has arrived!

    I’ve been trying to double up my meals lately to increase my after I finished a BIG lunch from Shake Shack I decided to order 3 full FOOTLONG subs to cram into my gut as well!

    I finally saw my old friends who haven’t seen me since I weighed 115lbs…this is how it went 😅

    My feeder wants to increase my capacity so he setup a funnel behind the couch to keep my belly as tight as possible 🥵

    Experience what it would be like to be a growing fat pig, stuffing your face endlessly as your gut gets tighter and tighter