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    The signs at a party

    Use your sun, moon, rising, 5th house ruler or whatever you think fits best 💓 this is just for fun and based on my experiences !!!

    Aries: Getting shitfaced and playing beer pong 🍺 probably trying to find someone to make out with or fight????? the obnoxious drunk!!! (its not always a bad thing I promise ur the best one there)

    Taurus: even if they’re not the host they always act like it lmaoooo y’all just want everyone to drink water and get home safely ❤️ (we love u for it) The mom drunk

    Gemini: making friends with everyone??? Running around to each group getting everyone’s number/snapchat, taking pictures and making plans even though they’ll probably never follow through (does anyone though?) The friendly drunk

    Cancer: Probably crying somewhere or confessing their undying love for someone. Telling everyone how much they mean to them and giving you hugs and kisses (it’s what we all need) The emotional drunk

    Leo: Having a dance party or competing with Aries in beer pong. Lots of selfies/videos of the function and peer pressuring others to take shots with them (we love the ambition though) The rowdy drunk

    Virgo: probably where the snacks are, chillin with just a few friends. Pretty quiet at first but by the end of the night they’re flirty af and dancing on everyone (you go, virgo, I see you 😏 ) The romantic drunk

    Libra: running around with Gemini making friends with everyone and telling every girl how pretty they are 💓 shotgunning drinks and singing their hearts out (the typical white girl oops we still love u I promise) The superficial drunk

    Scorpio: calling everyone on their BS yet still maintaining a care-free attitude????? how do u do it scorpio??? (It’s excessive sometimes but we still love u also) usually goes home with someone else at the end of the night 🍆 The horny drunk

    Sagittarius: probably getting stoned with Virgo by the snacks, singing every word to all the songs that come on and having their own little dance party??? Or they’re totally wasted and a hot mess, u rly never know what’s gonna happen with a sag 😅

    Capricorn: making everyone laugh (whether it’s at them or with them) and going HARD on the dance floor. Telling funny stories and telling everyone their brutally honest thoughts of them (someone had to say it, thanks for keepin it real) 🤷‍♀️ The IDGAF drunk

    Aquarius: packing everyone’s tokes and getting people pumped up for shots 🍻 you’ll find them in a drunk heart-to-heart giving unsolicited advice to everyone around them (with loving intentions) also probably in charge of the music

    Pisces: fucked off their tree in a field somewhere???? they LOVE to wander off and then appear the next morning??? (They always come back with crazy ass stories) deep fits of rage, sadness and excitement ???? The wild drunk