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2020-05-11 02:53:16

    Looking for a video you posted forever ago! So desperate to find it. I think it was two gay porn stars like on a small stage on a couch in gay bar, in front of a crowded audience. They were just making out but then one like got excited and eagerly pulled off the other guys underwear—you could see he was kind of embarrassed but he went with it. Any idea what I’m talking about?! I can’t remember their names or anything.

    its probably a video from Weho maybe this one?:



    thought i'd let you know i think i found a good tumblr replacement. it's called newtumbl. it's still starting out so there's still features missing that'll be added later, but from all the "replacements" i've gone through, i think this one's it

    thanks, ive seen a couple of the ppl i follow here say the opened a blog there. I dont wanna sound whiny but my motivation is very low after the awful way tumblr handled things. Never say naver but i dont think its for me rigth now i still post on the blog or twitter and let you know here.


    Do you know if the scene of Jake Gyllenhaal walking into like a shower or something and you can actually slightly see his dick is actually him? Because if it is that’s amazing, but it might be like the body double in Brokeback Mountain. Any idea?

    i cant find the gif but for all i know its him, its from Jarhead.

    (I think it was for an insurance issue from not even Brokaback Mountain but for the movie he was filming after that they had to use a body double jumping into the lake, can you imagine the amazing images we could have right now if not for that?!… im more deppresed…)


    Unpopular opinion: Kinda glad the porn has been removed. The amount of problems porn causes with intimacy and relationships is astonishingly bad especially for gay men with addictive personalities. Which isn’t to disrespect your blog, we all need some spicy pictures sometimes. But the porn was too much.

    censorship is far from a solution to any issue


    there's way less notes because despite the blogs still being there, people left. idk, nothing changed for me. i still see porn on my dash, i can even go onto my explore and see porn there. porn bots are still very much a thing. it's a bigger pain in the ass to check people's blogs if they've been blurred, because you can only see them when it shows on the side on your dash, you can't actually go to the blog. but it really isn't as bad as i thought it'd be. i thought this place would turn barren

    lots of people left and rightfully so and even if a dick or ass slips here and there it is pretty barren. I havent post any but i hope butts are still allowed?


    are you not posting here anymore?

    the thing is, everything and i mean EVERYTHING i post/reblog gets immediately flagged, included totally sfw stuff, i can appel my own posts and they get restored but i dont want to get other ppl post/blogs censored and flagged, no idea if this will ever get sorted


    hey remember how people thought cumblr was gonna be the best replacement? turns out it's the worst. slow af, doesn't send verification emails, no security or privacy, demanding full names, showing email addresses and full names on people's profiles even if the user disables the option. their reddit thread is just full of people complaining how shit it is

    really? glad i didnt sing up, even if the intentions were the best, taking such amount of new people is such a hard task. Thanks for the update!

    and since we are on the topic, im posting at twitter and blogspot (slowly moving the archive there) :