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2020-11-23 03:31:37

    Did tumblr block out the porn / NSFW stuff? I made sure the settings say do not hide anything but I can’t look up any NSFW posts :/ It sucks because I run a NSFW porn blog so I NEED new content to reblog

    yes, another thing tumblr fucked up (besides mass wrongful termination, elimination of any link from search and being non existant to anyone without a tumblr account), now EVERY nsfw blog is invisible, you dont even get the option to turn on/off safe search, ALL YOU GET IS SAFE SEARCH.

    by the way one of the main reasons why tumblr got popular back when it was relevant was because it was the only open platform that allowed you to post adult sutff

    sad to see what it has become, just a big fucking mess

    so damn bored with all the fucking reposters, it seems that every day there are new ones. They dont really affect me beyond the annoyance but new blogs get their stuff taked and discouraged so if you are a blog who is posting your own stuff AND it fits the content of my blog dont be shy and send me your post via PM, i´ll be more than happy to share it with 90,000 tumblrs.

    Also if by mistake i reblog a stolen post let me know, its impossible to police everything.

    thank you all who put up with me at my cringiest, i came back to a bunch of the nicest messages

    all of them help, i´ll try them all, believe.. I can.t remove myself from the situation but i´ll find a way to handle it, at leat better that before, just saying it and your messages make it already better.

    And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.