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2021-07-25 21:29:41

    My favourite genre of movie is ‘vapid girly teen flicks from the 90’s and early 00’s that actually have important feminist and socially conscious messages’.

    Some examples;

    Don’t be afraid to break the pointless and sexist rules society has imposed upon you, especially if they stand between you and your dreams.

    Learn to recognise your self worth beyond the trappings of success.

    Recognising and working to correct your white privilege, is not only the right thing to do morally, but will also lead to a more diverse and exciting playing field.

    You absolutely do not have to sacrifice your femininity or sense of self in order to make your way in a traditionally masculine field.


    Toxic femininity is absolutely a thing, and it’s what tricks girls into oppressing themselves and each other.


    Are you actually ‘not like other girls’ or are you just playing into the patriarchy by using your prejudices as an excuse to stop you forming real and valuable attachments to everyone in your life?


    This works best if you keep windows closed.

    Another design is using 2 20x25x1 filters, taping them to the sides of the box fan and then to each other so they sort of make a triangle, then cutting cardboard to make a top and bottom to the triangle.

    This was discovered as a more effective design during the 2020 US west coast fires.



    You know how they say “rebloging to save a life?” Well, guess what?